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  1. Facepalms...How did I miss that!!!! I though they were governed by the food limiter...I guess I was wrong!
  2. I found the problem with my Llamas not producing wool...the stable populations mod....AND the Better Rain Sound mod... No the problem is still happening...trying to figure out what mod is causing the Wool to just stop.
  3. hehe hunt down the answer... I am only using 9 mods They are in the exact load order listed below and only the three mega-mods show up as red conflicting. Mega Mod 8.01 Pt 1 Mega Mod 8.01 Pt 2 Mega Mod 8.01 Pt 3 Citizen Skin: Dunmer (for fun...because humans are boring!) Better Rain Sound (because the default one sucks) Flatten Terrain Tool (from GimmieCat, I like this version of the flatten terrain tool it allows the citizens to clear the area before it levels it, so you don't loose any resources.) More Stable Populations (Deals with those unusual sudden dips in population that occur) Time is Money (moves the game simulation speed to the end of the menu bar for easy access) Tomb stone Removal (because I like to move my cemeteries all the time, and is too impatient to wait for the stones to vanish after 5 or so years.) Thats all. For the Pasture sizes I ran them in very large ones (35 x 15) and in a standard vanilla one at (12 x 12) no wool. I am going to remove the other 6 mods and see if that changes anything... Ok The butcher that has the new meat options is Redketchups Wooden Butcher building found under his mods in the food processing options. it also applies to his Butchers Tent as well same options...Bear, Boar, Goose, Hare, Partridge, Phesent.
  4. Ok I was wondering what happened to the ability of the Llamas to produce wool?? Also is there going to be anymore domestic animal types such as Goats (milk production and Wool production), Geese, Alpacas, or Ostriches? Also for the Ambient animals I noticed that one of the butchers has new types listed for meat processing but other then the trader you cannot get these new meat resources. Are they going to be implemented, like the ducks where as additional ambient animals your hunters can hunt?
  5. Ok I LOOOOVVEEE This mod! best! however there is one little problem I have encountered...The flowers while they look very pretty .... THEIR TAKING OVER!!!!! I have massive fields of nothing but flowers they are smothering out all the natural trees. After about 50 years or so my game starts to chug as the flowers gobble up any available space they can! Take a look at the Image! I am in year 100 this area USED to be a forest....now its flat plains taken over by flowers!