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  1. Yes @BU4U Gaming, this mod is developed on 1.07 kit
  2. I'm glad you solved it I have the GOG version and I didn't know about these issues with Steam
  3. Exactly @taniu, we think to use the mill to grind wild cereals (as well as other cereals) to create flour
  4. hahahaha Exactly @Ketchup! In a convenient wooden box
  5. Hi @taniu! I'm glad you like it The mill will be included in the next version of NatDiv, probably with the possibility to produce wild cereals flour
  6. What version of the game do you have?
  7. Lots of feedback and a lot of work for us! Thank you guys! We haven't yet thoroughly tested compatibility with other mods. It's the work of this phase! We will make a list of all your comments and we will try to correct as many defects and add as many improvements as possible Sorry if I don't have time to respond to the individual comments but I am busy with work these days
  8. @adask my houses are in the community toolbar. Here is a screenshot
  9. I'is very close Absolutely not!
  10. Surely even more!
  11. Thanks Kevin! I'm glad you like my buildings
  12. I saw it too! The part where the primitives fish in the river is amazing! Very promising! We'll see how it turns out.
  13. Variants are possible, of course! But we have a long list of things to do before we can think of variants I'm trying to maintain a consistent style for all buildings, so they are recognizable as belonging to the same chain/mod. Colonial-style variants might perhaps be included in another mod to add to the main one. A "NatDiv Colonial Style" that adds variants for some buildings.
  14. Thanks guys! I used this name like a joke when we started to think about this feature, and we liked it right away This is great! Now I know how my next game will start
  15. Yeah! I'm not alone!!!