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  1. Thanks @Ketchup I did exactly as the other buildings, or so I thought... Perhaps you have given me the right clue! I'm going to check
  2. Thanks, I remember seeing it, but not where
  3. Friends, I need help again... I compiled the mod with the new building. Build.bat and Package.bat work properly. The pkm is loaded properly in game and works. But if I launch the Run.bat for testing, the game crashes and sends me this error message: Any ideas?
  4. Thanks @Paeng, they actually gave me some new ideas The little storage was born to patch a mistake of my first house (it's too short for half a module on one side). Maybe I could make another variant of the storage a bit longer. There's a lot of possibility and so little time In what mod is this home?
  5. Wow @Bartender!!! Your work is really amazing! I can't wait to try the version 1.1 !!! I agree with the new production chain (I like complex chains with multiple possibilities ) and I want to use your thatch in the next versions of my mod
  6. Yes @KevinTheCynic, it's a possibility My idea is to create a series of buildings that can be combined together in different ways, so the player can experience and create varied medieval quarters. @Ketchup I'm really really jealous of your New Medieval Town!!! Your job is of great inspiration
  7. A small preview of the v1.1 Large accessory storage
  8. The water pump is very cool @Discrepancy!
  9. I just tried the latest version... very impressive @Necora! Just a small thing, but you probably have already thought, you could add a removal tool to the riffle toolbar for a quicker use of the digging tools
  10. My little houses have found a place to grow up happy
  11. Very nice bushes @Bartender This mod becomes more wonderful day by day!
  12. Whoa! How many things to read! In principle, I agree with @Ketchup. It doesn't seem right to change the soul of the mod in the collection. Anyway, in the real world things can be achieved in different ways, with different procedures and different waste of resources. Then Megamod is realistic in its own way.
  13. A new wonderful improvement for the aesthetic of the game @Necora! I'll try it!
  14. That's weird Thanks for the warning @Ketchup
  15. Yeah, @Discrepancy this is amazing!!!!