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  1. I saw it too! The part where the primitives fish in the river is amazing! Very promising! We'll see how it turns out.
  2. Variants are possible, of course! But we have a long list of things to do before we can think of variants I'm trying to maintain a consistent style for all buildings, so they are recognizable as belonging to the same chain/mod. Colonial-style variants might perhaps be included in another mod to add to the main one. A "NatDiv Colonial Style" that adds variants for some buildings.
  3. Thanks guys! I used this name like a joke when we started to think about this feature, and we liked it right away This is great! Now I know how my next game will start
  4. Yeah! I'm not alone!!!
  5. Yes, of course. This is also my modus operandi I feel alone
  6. Very nice and very funny @Paeng! If only we could create it in the game... @Bartender and I will surely keep it in mind
  7. Nope. Sorry english isn't my language... I meant: "My videos would be definitely boring". Yes, Keralis is very hilarious
  8. Thank you guys! @Jafar_the_Barmecide I'm not a youtuber, my videos are definitely boring I follow Keralis on youtube. He has a natural talent for building games and has just started a series on Banished
  9. If you try some mods from RedKetchup, Necora, Discrepancy and the others you will see that the toolbar will fill a lot! Anyway if there will be a new MegaMod version, probably my mod will be part of it (or at least I hope so ) and it will be in the regular menu The people decided so
  10. Hi @Takit If you use a few mods it's convenient to have the buildings in the original categories, but for those who have installed many mods this could create confusion. After reading several topics I decided to use the community toolbar as most other modders
  11. @Necora, I read just now. Did you manage to make it work? I did exactly as Discrepancy said. Here is a screenshot @DesoPL, surely I'll create some other variants! And I would love to create something that fit well in a dock set
  12. I've released the version 1.1 with the new large storage and some fixes I have a couple of F variants in production, but for the moment I prefer to give priority to Natural Diversity
  13. Thanks to everyone! I'm glad you like my little houses I've released the version 1.1 with the new large storage and some fixes
  14. I hope so too, but probably the purpose is to catch them to eat them
  15. Thanks @QueryEverything! My friend @Bartender is a poet indeed! I love his Sneak Peeks! They make it look like what we do even more beautiful In Italy we say: take two pigeons with a bean