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  1. First of all thanks to everyone for responding In the above screenshot, I have 10 Builders, 10 Woodcutters, 0 jobs for my builders, and the woodcutters that are supposed to be assigned to it are idle None of my laborers have even attempted to empty it in the 20 odd years its been here, have plenty of storage I think your right, its ok I guess ill just stick some deco round it make it look all abandoned like
  2. ive got plenty of builders the 0 of 3 is from the woodcutters, the 4 is how many builders i had at the time ive now got 20+ still not gone
  3. Ive tried everything CC 1.75, B 1.07 beta cant prioritize, cant reclaim, cant remove, cant cancel remove, cant do nout, tried every kind of storage to no avail either and I don't have an earlier save either
  4. Got to just shy of 2900 people and while I was distracted by a tool supply issue my food production dipped and now there dying in waves oh well new game time
  5. up to 1620 citizens now 957/179/482 recent thing I put together, not totally happy with it tho, dunno why tho so ill just leave it for now will upload more screenshots of details etc if anyone's interested
  6. no reason really just thought it looked cool
  7. I do I trade; fancy furniture, cannons, wine, animals and a few others, buying in about 30k of my total food per year Im now up to 1000ish citizen's got a bunch of tinnerys now and still they consume tonnes! onward to 2000!
  8. Just a new town I'm working on, not totally keen on the town name so may change later, its a decent "working title" for now tho Ok, so this is "downtown", this is were the original settlement started and has grown to support the overall infrastructure, tool production, food, clothes etc Still relying on low tech food production, fields, pastures, fish, I have a few productions lines set up but they only produce a fraction of the overall food per year Planning to add Tinned food production lines soon as my overall populous increased dramatically in the last 25 years, currently at total 782 breaks down to 517/46/219 And this is a peak at the main project, another working title, "Fort Kickass"? hahaha
  9. CC 1.74, 1.0.7 Beta 2 (about to upgrade to 1.75) but i noticed the city wall bridge texture looks a little.... odd? Not a game killer tho but just thought id mention it, running on DX11, 2x MXAA 2x Aniso SR: High SD: High Ref: Everything
  10. Thanks for all your hard work!!!
  11. Happy to help buddy! great game great mods worth every minute! Edit: oh and a great community, great to see everyone here work towards a similar goal, the ultimate goal of playing Banished with Epic mods! haha
  12. Ok sat down with a brew and did some further testing and so far I have found: Test conditions: Starting a new game each time and slowly re-introducing mods Putting CC above all else (apart from CC no smoke) fixes the precious mine bug, since adjusting my mod order i have been unable to replicate this bug, will muddle mod list again to confirm this shortly However upon further more detailed testing I have found with the edibles market, if there is no other storage available for any other items, laborers will dump anything into it see screenshot 1 below Screenshot 1) Laborers moving supplies from stock pile to market as there is no other storage available this also means that these items will not leave the market until someone needs them, could explain why calli74 only had a few candles and some iron as all other "wrong items" would have been taken away and used Edit: no matter what order I put my mods in I cant seem replicate the precious mine bug so maybe I made a mistake in my previous testing (didn't start a new game or something) however still getting non edibles in the market if there are no other storage areas for it, see Screenshot 2 below Screenshot 2) destroying the barn, laborers empty into edibles market
  13. and its definitely appreciated but since a couple of things were reported as still bugged, i thought we could at least get a news update, again I wasn't trying to hassle rather just touch base
  14. Hope your well man and that it was nothing to serious
  15. Personally id like building types grouped together like markets, houses, etc sorta like it is currently but with more defining factors/sub-types such as tech/building quality so all of wooden houses together, stone houses, advanced houses and high quality houses But ofc's creators discretion, if i wanted to be picky id make my own totally awesome mega mod.... hahaha