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  1. Thanks to all. I can see I'm going to have to build everything just to test what it does. Love the Megamod.
  2. Thanks for your answer. Understand that nothing I said above makes the game unplayable. I was just curious as to why my butcher can make roast goose or hare stew if I can only get a very limited supply once every five boat trips or so. Why bother? It would make more sense just to buy them when available rather than have an idle building, or more likely 5 idle buildings waiting for a scarce supply. Frankly, if I can't make something on my own, ( even if I'm supposed to be) it gives me a way to trade all my excess things I do make. Having said that, here are my mods in my load order: MM8.01 part 1 enabled conflicted MM8.01 part 2 enabled conflicted MM8.01 part 3 enabled conflicted MM Decopack 0.07 not enabled fast food stand enabled and conflicted MM 0.07 not enabled unlimited mines/quarry enabled and conflicted tree growth and life not enabled more stable pop enabled and not conflicted Next game I will play without the two conflicted mods and see if anything changes, Thanks.
  3. I recently started playing the Megamod and have a question about some food items. The food trade ships often bring the food items boar, bear, goose, hare and some others, including one called game, that neither my hunters or wild shepherds ever bring in. Are these items by trade skip only? These ships also bring in roast chicken, chicken nuggets and spiced pumpkin pie that I have never seen available in any bakery, kitchen etc. And lastly, the ships show up with goods I can trade for that do not have a title at all. Simply blank. Chef's surprise, perhaps? The spreadsheets do not list any of these item, so I guess these are modded items? Thanks for any info.
  4. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Trade boats often bring foods that I don't see anyway for me to produce myself, like plum cake, baked apple, gingerbread, roasted corn, hare stew to name a few. I don't see these foods on the Banished items spreadsheet. Are these Trader items only or am I not seeing the relevant bakery? I see on the chart that there are items listed as trade only items like banana, grapefruit etc., but I can produce all these items in my greenhouse, so I am not talking about them. Also, does my hunter obtain bears, pheasants, partridge etc? Haven't seen them, except for the Trade boats.