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  1. So I bought 2 ducks to start a pasture as I didn't have enough to trade for more. Are they supposed to create only 1 new duck per year? This seems rather odd for an egg laying species to only have 1 fertilized egg per year. Edit: Thank you for the responses. I also noticed after posting this that my duck population was dropping. I had 4 and in a year I dropped to 1. Call me crazy but I think my hunting blind was killing them off.
  2. How far does the Wild Shepherd go out to look for the animals? Does it have a specific radius?
  3. I keep smaller storage areas right next to production buildings. I then put a market in town to collect the goods for the people that happen to live in town. This way the people producing or harvesting goods do not have to go far in order to drop off their goods.
  4. Hey everyone, I am Jesse from Windsor, Ontario. I have been using the CC mod for a while now and love how much it adds to the game. Brockenspectre informed me I should be on here in case I have any bugs to report.
  5. The woodcutters were working the waterwheel sawmill after I built it, however after saving the game and reloading it they will only idle around town and will not work at it. They will go and collect goods to put in storage, but that is it. Any idea what is going on with it? EDIT: I just figured out that my stockpile for firewood was full, this was causing them to not unload the firewood that was in the sawmill. Is it possible to set it up so there is a notification over the sawmill to say it has no storage space?