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  1. I see..Well thats what happens when you dont play for a few versions but i am 100% sure i had starting pigs or sheep or something like that on an older version without the option to when i build pastures, i had to wait for traders to start appearing with animals to get them, really made me go mad This time the pig option was there instantly when the pasture was build though so its all okay. And about the domesticated animals, i see: D Thanks for clarifying.
  2. Okay, in 1.7 one the pasture did have the pigs options and they moved inside, but i didnt have it on older versions, maybe i was blind or did something wrong, sorry for that. But another question, A Domesticated animal appeared out of nowhere in the Barn, supposedly required Wild Sheppard? Whatever that is to collect but it just collected it. Is it just for trading or?
  3. So, i have been playing the CC mod for awhile now, before it added all these stuff, i pretty much check for new versions every few months and play a few hours but i have a question. There always seem to be animals at the starting location, usually pigs lately and i have no idea what i am supposed to do with them, they dont "exist" as an animal the same way you get animals through trading so i cant put them in a pasture. What exactly am i supposed to do with them? this was bothering me for a few versions now and always makes me quit the game literally cause i cant figure out how or what