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  1. Cheers, I might email them and state my initial order number etc and see what they can do for me. Thanks edit. Okay I still have original email with the link to humble bundle website which will allow me to re download the game (updated version). Tomorrow I shall do a complete re-install and then I should be good to go. Thanks for your help folks
  2. Hmm well i think i may be kinda stuck. I probably last updated when I got Forge awakens which will be a couple of days after SkyStorm did his previous youtube series. Now his channel has made me aware of the new patch and I would love to try it. What would be the best course of action do you think? Should i try to use a steam version? Is that better?
  3. Hi, I see you awesome people at Black Liquid have come out with another Colonial Charter mod and I can't wait to play it! The only thing stopping me at the moment is the version of the game I have. I currently have a stand alone (non-steam) version of the game. The last time I updated it was for the 'Forge awakens' version of CC, so I think i'm on 1.0.4. I can't get the latest version and the mega mod to run ( I get a black screen when I try to enable the mod from the in game menu). I am pretty sure this is due to me being on a relatively old patch that doesn't support the latest version of CC. Does anyone know where I can download the patch 1.0.6 or later so as I can play the new version of CC? I have looked on the official site where I got the game from (shiningrocksoftware) and they only have patches up to 1.0.4 and also I couldn't find anything here or on banishedinfo.com other searches on the internet tried to get me to download cracked version of 1.0.7 full game but I don't want to do this. tl:dr anyone got a mirror for 1.0.6 or 1.0.7 so I can update my game and get work on Journey apologies if this is in the wrong section of the website.