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  1. I have the new pine flora new flora and flax thing too.....seems better when I disable natural diversity although it crashes on exit each time. Not sure what to do now really
  2. lovely idea seems sensible since we have tailors
  3. i like that idea actually too
  4. @QueryEverything just looking at your load order. I thought CC had to be above all the MM stuff? Also the new pine flora, natural diversity etc I've got at the top....perhaps I should re-arrange now lol. I never seem to get the load order right. Been having problems with natural diversity it slowed my bannies down to a crawl even on 10x speed which is a shame coz I liked it. Off to try your load order see what happens
  5. I had the same problem few months ago with the new MM. If you update to the latest CC Journey and latest Banished beta it seems to solve the problem. Did for me (took days to figure that out!)
  6. ahh possibly. I have a road mod by DS I think it is and that has an orange road. I think I'd best shut up now lol I confess I've never seen red roads like this anywhere well not here in UK anyway
  7. Nice one! I loathe that horrible orange road and wish they'd change it whoever did it, but it actually works rather well with your village in the tree area
  8. thanks. I've now got the houses so wild west and medieval hmmm choices choices! I'll just do both lol
  9. I am indeed! loving every minute.....and as usual just can't settle on a style lol just keep having to try every which way mining town would be so good to go with the Wild West theme yay! I really should do some housework at some point or maybe even sleep!
  10. how wonderfully imaginative! wish I could think so far ahead...I just get in there and play and hope to re-arrange and decorate at some point lol
  11. lovely...what are the houses in picture 2? I haven't seen those before...the 2 large ones and the smaller white one next to them?
  12. oops stuck another "o" in sorry no its 35000....is that normal? Seems insanely high
  13. I've been playing non stop for 3 days lol....really like the look especially with the wooden sidewalks. A Sheriff would be nice addition though and I could stick the gallows outside it Perhaps a barbers for health and of course a livery stables for stabling the horses and horseshoing (perhaps that could be instead of the smith or included with it) ....not that I've any clue if those are workable. Loving it @Kid123
  14. i don't have the stand alone only the one with MM I'll post a screenie when I next get chance
  15. Anyone else noticed that the Jatropha Integerrima (whatever on earth that is coz I've no clue) is now priced at 350000 when the trader comes and is so long it knocks out the text space into the stuff I'm selling list? It wasn't that expensive before megamod I think or perhaps the mm compatability mod I can't remember