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  1. Oops! My downloaded file was only 2.8 MB, not 3.06 MB as listed in the description. I've re-downloaded the file, checked the size and tried it out in the game. Everything works perfectly now. Time to bake some delicious pastries for my peasants Thank you so much for the help! Will check file sizes in the future, to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  2. Tried to add Bakery Plus to my game, and it crashes when I click on 'mods' option in game menu -- 'A fatal error has occurred in runtime-steam-x64.dll and the game can not continue'. When I remove Bakery Plus from WinData folder, the game works just fine. I run Banished 1.0.7 beta with CC 1.75, CC No Smoke, Ridiculous Storage, Unhappiness Radius, and a bunch of Inedible Food mods. Maybe something's not compatible with the Bakery Plus?