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  1. Digging through my stack of memory sticks... so many images  9_9

    1. Discrepancy


      So many great images :) it is thanks to you that I was able to use cheat engine.

      I enjoy taking screenshots of Banished. It has such a nice warmth and beauty.

      The more I explore and mod the game and find the limitations the more I still appreciate the simple aspect of the game that can make it enjoyable for so many hours. It has what few games I have played have... lasting game-play.

      Edited by Discrepancy
  2. Seasonal Trees

    From the album Crossover Fun

  3. Crop Circles

    From the album Crossover Fun

  4. Ale for Orcs

    From the album Crossover Fun

  5. After a boring speech by the mayor and receiving their Citizen's Document along with a generous gift of fresh clothes and soap, they gather in a meadow for a spontaneous "Dance of Happiness" - Now the villagers are not sure if that was such a good idea -
  6. You mean my little Amish buggy? Yeah, would make a nice decoration <hint>
  7. This morning, somewhere in Banished lands...
  8. One of the new items from the Forest Deep Mod v2... * Available at WoB
  9. A short movie... 17tester.mp4
  10. As Ketchup said - it probably takes a looooong time to load... Try switching to DX11, that reduces load time a lot (though not all systems play along nicely with dx11 - but worth a try). Hth
  11. Here are a few more shots to show the rugged side of 1.7... Getting closer...
  12. That's the spirit
  13. Seems like a lot of work for... hmmm, I guess I didn't understand the purpose either (unless simply decoration)...
  14. Sorry, I'm not sure I understand... if you want 4 shelters grouped around a single access point, you can simply build them like this -
  15. Well, go for it - seems like a nice little job for bad weather days...