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  1. This is most probably not a Banished issue... check your graphic drivers for possible updates.
  2. Cropfields with one worker - ~120 squares (e.g. 8x15 or 11x11)... depending on your weather conditions. For dense orchards just choose odd numbers on all sides - like e.g. 5x15 or 7x15 etc...
  3. Cool... Hahaha... speaking of German names - just got one named "Zemplevilledge"... which is like a German might pronounce "Sample Village" * I'm allowed that jibe - I AM German...
  4. check you pm
  5. It's a CC housing - I think probably the "Captain's House"... or one nearby on that toolbar
  6. Hi Despo, I'm known to "abuse" mods in sometimes strange ways... here are some shots that may give you more ideas how to set up your snap-on storages This is probably a fluke, being able to slip the storage 1 tile in, making a pseudo gate... But it even works on some other buildings... While here it leaves an undesirable gap... You may want to exploit that on your own, so we can attach those snap-ons to any bare wall we find... Looking forward to your next release!
  7. Well, they normally come with the official install packages... Yeah, sounds like the right thing to do - 1.0.5 and 1.0.6 had a number of bugfixes... the latest 1.0.7 is still in beta, but hopefully a full release will come soon. Just shout out if you need some hints
  8. Okay, your list of mods seems to match the pre-1.0.4 era... if none of them has been updated later (m/any mods compiled with banished 1.0.5 or later will give you problems, as there were big changes at that time). Check your shortcut - it must point to either Application-x32.exe or Application-x64.exe... or try to start directly via the exe, not the shortcut. I'm also wondering - according to my notes, you should have the following files in [WinData -] C:/ShiningRock/Banished/WinData/ patch0.pkg patch1.pkg data0.pkg (for 1.0.4 Build 141103 Patch, which is the one just after your patch...)
  9. Fire up Banished, in the first loading screen at bottom center you will find the version number... If CC:EA is really your current game, I fear you missed a few updates, to both CC and Banished...
  10. Or try "Disable Direct Input"...
  11. Nice idea - I'm partial to the waggon with water barrels, and maybe a horse tethered nearby...
  12. Here some more with this new technique...
  13. The DirectDraw Surface container file format (extension DDS), is a Microsoft format for storing data compressed with the proprietary S3 Texture Compression algorithm. You'd probably need more proprietary MS stuff to work with it...
  14. Don't leave in a huff... It's not so much that there is no interest, you do raise some valid points... but you may have underestimated the uncomfortable limitations our modders have to work with. The ModKit is a nasty "tool" - actually there is no tool... changing one bit in a mod means riding through thousands of lines of code, then recompile the whole thing... so the tiniest tweak turns into a major chore. Innovation within Banished means breaking out of the tight modkit, bending, nay - twisting the "rules" in order to "work around" limitations.. so yeah, sometimes at the cost of "balancing". It's rather natural that modding goes off in different directions - some want it harder, some want it more beautiful, some more efficient, some more streamlined, some want cowboys and indians, some want pyramids and sphinx... and so on - immersion takes all kinds, and modders are hard put to cater to all.
  15. * Housing by Despo, Turbulence is a WiP by Necora