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  1. I used to be irked by that, too... but it's the way it goes in Banished... I now take upgrades slowly, 1 by 1... so I hit the upgrade button for one building only, then move on and just do my thing... before I know it, I have restructured whole areas, without actually seeing a single rebuild...
  2. Oh my... hoping it's just a "minor" thing - get well soon!
  3. To expand a little on that - the storage capacity of your trade post is limited to 60K, but you should not fill it up a 100% (look at the TP Inventory, it says "x% used")... if you fill it to a 100%, there is no room to load/unload new products brought by a trader... it's a little hard to figure out how many % you need to keep in reserve, it depends a little on the bulk (weight) of your goods, but I try to only fill it about 70 or 80% max... If you then still get that message, keep the trader in port and try to trade your goods in several smaller batches - sell e.g. 1000 items, click trade (not dismiss!), wait a bit, then trade another 1000, etc... Building more storage may be necessary, but even 50 barns won't relieve your port if you fill it to the max... I know it's tempting, but try not to use your ports as "temporary mass storage"
  4. wait... in my [windata] are only four files: data0.pkg + data1.pkg + patch0.pkg + patch1.pkg (plus my mods *.pkm) When you extract the BanishedPatch_1.0.6_To_1.0.7.170212.Beta into your Banished folder, data0.pkg and data1.pkg stay untouched, plus you get fresh patch0.pkg and patch1.pkg... why would you do all this copying and renaming as described above? Or end up with more files? Just wondering @Kralyerg - I'm pretty sure it does... coming from 1.0.4 like Ve5pa does, I'd probably run the "1.0.4 to 1.0.5" patch first (which had some major changes while 1.0.6 was just a hotfix) and then the "1.0.6 to 1.0.7" patch on top of that...
  5. Stiles, I have it below CC and it shows green (no conflict)...
  6. I read that for the modkit debug-mode enabled by default in Toolbar.rsc... I don't have a 2nd debug, not even with the old standalone debug mod loaded... (1.0.7 + CC1.7, no modkit).
  7. Just back out to the main menu and click on "Map" - it will show seed, name, terrain, climate and so on...
  8. RAR files are compressed files created by the WinRAR archiver. These files need to be extracted, same like e.g. "Zip files". * An "Archiver" is a program that takes many separate files and archives them into one file. RAR files compress better, resulting in smaller files to download. How to extract RAR files (e.g. with WinZIP) 1) Save the .RAR file to the desktop. If the compressed file was downloaded from a website, it may be saved in the Downloads folder in your Documents or user directory. 2) Launch WinZip and open the compressed file by clicking 'File > Open'. * If your system has the compressed file extension (RAR) associated with WinZip, just double-click on the file. 3) Select all the files and folders inside the compressed file. 4) Click '1-click Unzip' and choose 'Unzip' in the WinZip toolbar under the 'Unzip' tab. 5) Choose the destination folder for your extracted files and click 'Unzip' button. 6) Find your extracted files in the destination folder. A good alternative to WinZIP is the open source freeware "7-Zip".
  9. Read on below...
  10. Looking at the way Hoisinike has grown... Wood and Lumber industries New business and wealthier citizens New Foundry New Chapel Training Camp for Hunters and Militia, expanded Quartermaster's outpost Nomads raising pigs, breaking stone Expansion Current population: ~335 ----- My Journals & Movies -----
  11. Thank you for the kind words I like to share them with all the creators who make such scenes possible in the first place....
  12. Silvery Moonlight... Do You Dare To Enter the Realm of the Dead...
  13. I played a short session with the training camp, see some images here...
  14. Works fine for me -
  15. It can take 4 workers who can produce like 4000+ units of "food" out of nothing...