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  1. The domain of Castlerock... Some data... :-)
    Thanks for this split, a good variety of bridges is really great to have
  2. Much obliged, thank you so much!
  3. You can also remove all the *.rsc and *.sub files... they're not harmful but just bloat your mod listing :-)
  4. Once again I'm not having luck again trying to DL this... After about 50% it fails... is there an alternative dl anywhere?
  5. What else is new? A Forest Center Vegetable Greenhouses Oilpresser Village Medieval Fantasy ;-)
  6. Yeah, many of them are on WoB... Jetty by Discrepancy, Village is a vanilla redux by Embx, some stuff by Kid1293... when there, check also the plenty new housing options by RedKetchup ;-)
  7. So here some more impressions from my recent journeys (in no particular order)... Village, Housing, Markets Irrigation New Terrains Abbey Quarry Mountain Men, Pirates
  8. Showing red conflict is probably no problem, mostly it just means that resources are shared... Also, you probably need to load it above CC (on top of the mod list).
  9. Hmmm... the thread is here - http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1663.75 Now that you mention it - I'm not sure if that set is already out of beta... if not, it will be soon I guess :-)
  10. I only know that the new windmill in CC (city mill or so) can make flour from rice... hth
  11. I use CC 1.75 plus any mod that is 1.0.7-ready and "certified"... and only those (new limits, community toolbar etc.)... See a listing here - http://banishedpeople.freeforums.org/new-editor-s-choice-banished-1-0-7beta-t395.html @CaptVader The MinMaxer's Disease... just kidding... Efficiency is nice... in the first few decades. Once I got plenty enough food, clothes, tools etc - I don't care if they run circles around themselves once in a while
  12. Hmmm... if they keep showing the "?", check if you have assigned the right kind of worker...
  13. http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/20-cc-no-smoke/ Place Above CC
  14. You're looking for the "Fish Monger" from the Small Village mod by Discrepancy... That mod is still heavily "in process" - right now the fishmonger is a fish-drying facility... to find out more maybe visit the dev thread at World of Banished... http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1293.0