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  1. Hooray - no more primecuts sitting in the dust! The one says thank you, much appreciated
  2. Yeah, we can probably meet in the middle by saying that having all 4 food groups improves health... you can see that if you go without e.g. grain for a period of time, health decreases, but it's a gradual, slow process... then, once you bring in grain, health improves, again slowly and gradually. Meanwhile, with the herbalist you see an immediate effect, health jumping up half a heart right away.
  3. Oh no, really...? You already made so many nice buildings... are you seriously condemning all that to dev null? So sad...
  4. Thanks for your kind words * and also for helping out with the infos re: fodder...
  5. Cool... yeah, when I read "first mod" I thought "model?" and got sort of weak knees... LOL
  6. Well, it's not me who has the problem, I just passed on a user question... Maybe he already figured it out with the hints you all posted
  7. Ummm... but you have done some modeling before this, or? No matter, you're doomed, lost to the dark side Looks good, like Bartender I'm a big fan of odd angles, nooks and crannies...
  8. Well, my play style is slow natural growth... I never power up baby booms just to get a huge population, and I don't mind if families stay together even as their children get older... I only watch to always pair up enough couples to ensure a steady birthrate to keep my schools full (and "harvest" a steady stream of educated workers), and a good sized labor force to fill all job openings and avoid old-age-death gaps... I seldom go larger than 1000 peeps, my favorite towns are in a range of 500 to 800... beyond that towns start to feel like anonymous anthills, with me doing nothing more than administrative chores... not my idea of immersion
  9. Hmm, like I told you - I have no experience with youtube... but I think to embed the player you need to have a thing called a "Channel" (on yt)... then you make your clip, upload it to your "channel" and then you can embed it in websites... Or so...
  10. Hmmm... I have 1 fodder producer with 1 worker and 2 stables with 1 worker each... and 3 greenhouses with 1 worker each, producing plenty corn, tomatos and watermelons... I need a much bigger town to eat all the products before building more greenhouses Water yeah, too much because I also built some CC towers and forgot about them...
  11. A user question I cannot answer Can someone post a short hint how to embed a youtube video in a post? Thanks!
  12. Well, but it needs to be done if you want to use those xmas lights again. I'm aware that there would be a lot of code-digging involved, though it seems that many things (specially the food items) are not essential to production chains... As for "Banished for Idiots" - meh. Nobody talks about "over-simplifying", but about being sensible.
  13. Thanks! I hope you did not feel my comment was directed at the "Natural Diversity" project, far from it...
  14. All these places where peeps can "cook" different "meals" and such... I don't mind kitchens and pubs per se, but I do mind that their ingredients bloat the things traders bring in - like x types of fruit, x types of berries, x types of vegetables, x types of grain, and so on, just look at the food trader's list in a well developed town... I don't want to micro-manage recipes where I need [bananas+asparagus+oats] to make a "meal"... and in turn the traders trying to accomodate even the most exotic tastes with whole boatloads of stuff nobody really needs or can possibly process. That's why I'd prefer to have such things in addons...
  15. Yeah, personally I think that this whole foodmania has taken a wrong turn - my feeling, when I look at the bloated inventories (traders, townhall etc.) that can even slow down a computer. In the end it all boils down to fruit, vegetable, grain and protein... I really hope that at some point all these kitchens and recipes and stuff become optional add-ons or companion mods... An occasional special item in a production chain is okay and useful, but I'm really tired of scrolling through congested menus with hundreds of food items to pick the few I can process further. But that's just me. Again.