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  1. Digging through my stack of memory sticks... so many images  9_9

  2. Seasonal Trees

    From the album Crossover Fun

  3. Crop Circles

    From the album Crossover Fun

  4. Ale for Orcs

    From the album Crossover Fun

  5. After a boring speech by the mayor and receiving their Citizen's Document along with a generous gift of fresh clothes and soap, they gather in a meadow for a spontaneous "Dance of Happiness" - Now the villagers are not sure if that was such a good idea -
  6. This morning, somewhere in Banished lands...
  7. You mean my little Amish buggy? Yeah, would make a nice decoration <hint>
  8. Just A Little Appetizer... Sweet dreams...
  9. One of the new items from the Forest Deep Mod v2... * Available at WoB
  10. A short movie... 17tester.mp4
  11. As Ketchup said - it probably takes a looooong time to load... Try switching to DX11, that reduces load time a lot (though not all systems play along nicely with dx11 - but worth a try). Hth
  12. Here are a few more shots to show the rugged side of 1.7... Getting closer...
  13. That's the spirit
  14. Seems like a lot of work for... hmmm, I guess I didn't understand the purpose either (unless simply decoration)...
  15. Sorry, I'm not sure I understand... if you want 4 shelters grouped around a single access point, you can simply build them like this -
  16. Well, go for it - seems like a nice little job for bad weather days...
  17. The latest version is Colonial Charter: The Forge Awakens (v1.62)... That is the main mod. The MegaMod (MM) on the other hand is a compilation of 95+ mods by various designers, streamlined for maximum compatibility with CC1.62 (included in MM). Note: Do not load two different versions of CC at the same time.
  18. Hmmm... pastures (and the little shed) can definitely be rotated with "T"... Sorry if this sounds obvious - but you mean regular pastures, right? Not one of the modded ones - iirc, there is one or the other mod that removes that shed. Also, if you set the pasture against mountains, the shed may disappear below ground - but I think you would still see it on at least two rotations...
  19. Yep, that's it, for seed and livestock traders. I just mentioned it to Tom, and it is now noted in the wiki - http://www.banishedventures.com/wiki/tradingpost/
  20. Just another of the hard challenges of the North... I can't tell you exactly which it is (not currently in a North game), but iirc there is some restriction on (some?) traders... sorry for the muddy answer, but maybe check the wiki at http://www.banishedventures.com/ In any case, it's most probably not a bug... EDIT Or maybe restrictions on what goods the trader accepts... but give me some time, I'll try to check on it again.
  21. To add to Azure's suggestions - it also helps to have a bunch of Laborers... if enough of them can jump in to do the clearing, your farmers (and other professionals) will not stray too far.
  22. a.k.a. spamming the priority tool... guilty as charged
  23. Well, I'm not sure if that level of depth can be modded... it is possible to change certain sounds (e.g. the North mod has birdcalls), or general environment stuff (wind and such), but probably not to add completely new sounds... Have you checked the game options? It has a sound menu where you can adjust music, UI, ambient and effect sound levels... and if you get into a noisy area, just zoom out a bit, that works as volume control as well...
  24. Check this thread - No pretty pictures though... EDIT Better yet - see EstherHB's fresh chart
  25. I always wanted a larger port with really high capacity - well, here it is Mod by Kid1293 / Nomad, available at http://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/812-Large-Port