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  1. Medieval Thrillseekers At Kawarau Bridge
  2. Yeah, that would be grand * thought of leaving this as a small rocky inspiration to Bartender...
  3. And Happy Birthday to you  :flower1::)


  4. Banished Options (settings) Seems some people are not really comfortable with checking out the options offered within Banished, so here is a quick rundown of some rather useful items... Once you open the Options dialog, you will see four tabs: Game, Video, Audio and Input. 1) Tab "Game" Most of the settings here are self-explanatory - but let's have a look at the settings for the "Status Icons". The first (1) "Show status icons", lets you toggle whether you want to show the little icons that show on top of buildings or peeps depicting cold, hunger, work status etc... Most of the time you probably want these icons to show, but when making screenshots for a journal or a gallery you'll want to turn them off. Beyond just switching them on/off you can also fine-tune things a bit. With setting (2) you can adjust the opacity of the icons. Just move the slider to the left (less) or to the right (more) for your desired level of opacity. Setting (3) has a slider to adjust the size of the icon - the more you move it to the left, the smaller the icon will appear. After you have set your desired values, click on "Apply" and then "Ok". Note Zooming in and out also has an effect on the size of the icons, so experiment a bit to find the size that works best for you in all conditions. By the way - if you wonder about the last entry, "User interface scale" - indeed this enables you to enlarge (or miniaturize) the whole interface... A word of caution though - this can impact the in-game menus in a serious way, leading to undesired word-wraps, somewhat "fuzzy" characters and other weird stuff. 2) Tab "Video" NEW There is now an in-depth Video Settings Guide written by @Trasd So here just a quick fly-over - You can set a few things like your prefered renderer (DirectX 9.0c or 11), your resolution, and whether you want to play in "Full screen" mode or not. It also shows you what model of graphic card you use... I'm not going into all the possible settings - to tweak them in a meaningful way you need to know and understand a number of things about your system and/or graphic card. The initial values entered there (usually during installation) are sort of a "safe default" - they should play well with your setup, but do not necessarily tickle out the maximum possible performance. Feel free to experiment with higher settings, but make a note of the default settings first, so you can set them back should things become... strange Better yet, go to the above mentioned article by @Trasd 3) Tab "Audio" Knowing of this tab's existence always makes me wonder when I see complaints that the cows are mooing too loud... There are four sliders that let you adjust most of the "noise" the game may offer. UI Volume - the clicks and clacks when selecting items... Music Volume - the general soundtrack... Effect Volume - hammering, sawing, mooing and so on... Ambient Volume - howling winds and such... So this interface allows you pretty fine control of what you hear or not... Personally I prefer to listen to my favorite records while playing anyway... but that's just me Incidentally - you can also de-activate the 'bong''bong''bong' death-notifications and similar happenings in the (in-game) "Event Log". 4) Tab "Input" Here you set all the bindings for your keyboard shortcuts - rather involved stuff if you want to (re-)do them all... Most people may just want to set new bindings for the screenshot shortcuts - I Hope this helps...
  5. Yeah, most probably... it's not very realistic to pick up iron from the ground and hammer it into tools and stuff, that's why this was modded - you need to build a whole chain in order to process iron ore into iron... e.g. build a stack burner and make charcoal, which can than be turned into industrial fuel by a fuel refiner, which can then be used to smelt iron before a blacksmith can use it to make tools... So for this chain - stack burner > fuel refiner > smelter = iron... * note that there are small versions of refiner and smelter available...
  6. No, not the same! Best read the wiki entry here for explanation... http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/articles.html/mining-ores-minerals/iron-r335/ * You could use the "Iron is Iron" mod, but that would be the easy way out...
  7. Yes, it really does work... though often it may feel as if it doesn't All jobs you "order" are put into kind of a queue and are worked off in some sort of sequence, with their own order of priorities - which are not easy to understand, even for the boss/mayor/god, whatever you think you are in the Banished universe... when you hit "priority", that job is usually elevated in the queue, but how fast it is done depends on how far (or near) a worker is, how many workers (builders, laborers or vendors) and needed materials or goods are available, and probably some other factors as well... Consider that 3 builders may work on one building, now you change priority to another building far away across the map, they need to walk there (with all their usual breaks), gather new materials (even more breaks) and so on... so it can take a while.
  8. It's not a bad idea... I just have no idea if it's possible...
  9. I'd agree with that... play vanilla first to get a feel of the Banished world, play some of the "achievements" which are like an extended tutorial... you can always start with mods later, they won't run away... And it makes finding answers to questions (which you will definitely have) a lot easier
  10. It's become sort of a multi-purpose jobber, used mainly by WoB modders (RK, Disc, Embx)... He does all the jobs where it's not really useful to create a new profession - e.g. carry water and similar things... Mainly to avoid menu bloat
  11. Lovely Scenery Campsite at Night
  12. Well, have you tried building a regular house yet and see if they then also stock food? Do you have other storage places (e.g. barns)? Not sure about the cap, I never really tried your strategy
  13. That's great, and I'm so happy that my little dreams are part of it
  14. That's a powerful cover... always loved that song
  15. Listening to now - Gorilla Rodeo - The Long Way Home Watched recently - The Salvation (2014), with Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green... very cool neo-western
  16. http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/172-d20-medieval-houses/ Thhe small white one is CC...
  17. * Housing by Despo, Turbulence is a WiP by Necora
  18. It could alsp be that they are walking right on the slope (from water to land)... maybe it helps if you draw a road right next to it.
  19. Great stuff... and great team-up * though some may find a team of Thresher and Reaper and Maggi Thatcher rather... umm... frightening? J/K
  20. https://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/26-Delete-Quarries-and-Mines
  21. Not to forget the "Coverings" from the Kave - http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/37-covering/
  22. Yeah, cool... it's the type of "house rules" I think many of us impose on ourselves once in a while... Though it's not something I would want to play all the time.
  23. Well, on such dense populations an outbreak can spread like wildfire... and a hospital can only treat up to 30 peeps, plus you can't staff more doctors (only 1 per hospital), unfortunately. So a mod should maybe give hospitals a larger cap than 30 patients...
  24. How about some fresh teasers to help us with the wait?
  25. Herbs and Herbalists are no help with disease epidemics (Mumps, Dysentery, Fevers etc.), for those you need a hospital manned with a Physician. Health basically depends on - - a varied diet (some of all 4 food groups) - a local herbalist, to treat small ailments and wounds with herbs (get at market, bring to herbalist) - a hospital, to treat epidemic diseases (beyond a herbalist's abilities) More thoughts here: http://banishedpeople.freeforums.org/about-health-herbalists-and-hospitals-t293.html