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  1. Gov, that mod will unfairly increase % consumption of all other food sources which are balanced. Who can mod the hunting blinds to produce less? Thx
  2. Thanks for those tests, it confirms that hunting blinds are super overpowered. With so much meat I can keep selling it and get whatever I want from traders.. Can hunting blinds be nerfed? Say, to half of what they produce now. Also, Kevin, I understand map seed has something to do with it, but it is the building itself coded to produce so much. ( average 1100 meat per worker per season with no penalties for tight positioning).
  3. I I have put six Hunting Blinds very close to each other. For 2 game years already, they are constantly producing 1000-1200 duck meat each per season. That, makes me roughly 7 thousand meat per season from small area. Small town of 80 people swimming in food. Another positive - birth rate jumped up from all the abundance of the quacking meat. Wow. Read the thread title..
  4. Gov, respectfully - this is NOT a solution for me to improvise and just pretend not to build more. Domesticated animals was a game breaking bug too in previous version of CC, and it got fixed because it ruined the game experience. May I get an actual response from mod developers on this issue.
  5. Thanks Gov, and so, instead of game balance you are suggesting me to roleplay. I understand Hunting Cabin - for example: it has to be in or near the forest, 2 hunters can get 1k venison in a season or so..and sometimes they get less. And you cannot put two Hunting cabins too close otherwise they overlap and output suffers... but those Hunting Blinds you can put any-freaking-where on the river, how many you like with 1.2k meat output per person. Can someone create a pack mod file to quick fix this, Thank you
  6. So, put two Hunting Blinds on the river, and a year later they will produce over 2k duck meat each season! Nice huh? 2 people hunting ducks - over 2200 units of duck meat, hell of a hunting season. I dont need anything else just to put Hunting Blinds all over. I mean - this is ruining my gameplay. I remember we had similar problem with domesticated animals spawning everywhere. I have no other mods, just CC1.75, please help me solve this problem, or is this intended?