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  1. Hello together, with some help I managed to create a minimod that changes just one value (float _agePerSecond) in Citizen.rsc. How can I check which were the original values of CC so I don't overwrite CC while loading the modified section? Are these values somewhere found in text/charts? Is it possible to 'unpack' a '*.pkm' file to check for myself? Regards, XSamatan
  2. Hello guys and gals, I made the mistake ( :D ) of starting a new settlement with the latest Version of CC and do have some problems getting Orchards working on my map seed. Orchards grow naturally and have fruits, however if I do not harvest them manually all food is lost in the autumn seasons. Is this WAD on my chosen map selection? Regards, XSamatan
  3. Ok, didn't notice this! Thank you very much for the recommendations, will try Kralyerg's stuff out - Banished without CC is not to my liking. Regards, XSamatan
  4. I really like the "Very Harsh" climate setting, together with "Cold Valleys" and "hard start" this simulates very well fighting against your environment. If I would like to change the lower and/or higher temperature values - would that be a 'simple' edit with the toolkit or a deeper operation? Regards, XSamatan
  5. Thank you very much for this clarification, I'll probably scrap the orchards on this map
  6. Thanks for your response esther! I do have seeds and initially placed three orchards with varying sizes. The trees grow and after some years bear fruits - however despite having the workers home adjacent no food is harvested. Instead (after temperature falls below 0 °C) the yield display drops back to zero. Do fruits (here: pears) spoil on the trees if temperature is too low? Regards, XSamatan PS: Great work with all the wiki-pages! Helped a lot