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  1. I always do 1 Adam and 1 Eve with the "One Year at a Time" mod. I don't really think about the incest as I mostly consider the whole beginning as like the 'Time of Myth' or something.
  2. How about graphic settings? When I had an older ('older' as in well-used) video card the reflections in Banished would heat it up and make me crash; it was three years ago, so I don't remember what the error message was. Are any other programs unstable on your laptop? If so, could be RAM or HD. Or a bit-coin miner? I've never owned a laptop, so I don't know if you can, but have you tried reseating your hardware? I know all of my questions are hardware related but that's just based on my own experiences; for me it's always been something to do with my hardware.
  3. I'm old now, so I remember a time when the internet was mostly just people sharing actual information; probably because you had to know how to configure your PC and lol-dialup modem to have access to it. No ads back then cos it wasn't worth it. Now it's like a cross between the National Enquirer and that crazy guy that lived down the street from me when I was a kid who told me putting aluminum foil on the windows would protect me from government mind-reading experiments.
  4. I'm not positive, as I never use tropical, but I think this mod is supposed to help:
  5. @estherhb I was wondering if I should have added the /sarcasm or not; I guess I should have. I am also somewhat of a plant geek. All pines are conifers but not all conifers are pines.
  6. You didn't know? All conifers are pines! I've had better('better' being a relative term) luck finding images using the Latin names of things (also quotation marks and lots of minus symbols). The internet: full of so much information and yet so much of it wrong.
  7. This happens to me a lot when alt-tabbing from full-screen mode and then, instead of remembering to tab back in, I just click on the 'Banished' window behind whatever I'm tabbed into.
  8. Necora, these textures! I was zooming in to see how the flowers I'm practicing with (Tany's flax, spawned in multiple colors by RedKetchup's grass, with wind motion learned from your explanations in this thread) were turning out and I instead got distracted by your leaves. How do you do this? Find the most perfect screenshot ever of a leaf on the web? Draw them? They're fantastic!
  9. And the inland sea you have always dreamed of. Come visit our lake that is not a circle! Book your tickets today!
  10. Hi, I'm Kedryn. I lived in Kansas until a week ago when my landlord evicted me 3 hours after my best friend and roommate of 23 years died (please, no condolences, they just make me more sad); now I live in Nebraska with my Mom. I don't normally overshare like this but I'm still angry and bewildered. I bought the game when it first came out and played it for many hours; I started playing again about a week before Chris died and now I'm trying to create the 'perfect little village' that he would have loved to live in. I like to tinker with other people mods for personal use (although this personal tinkering once led to me creating a bunch of 32bit tiles for a rogue-like game. It's a little harder to tinker with these mods because a lot of the things are inaccessible but I did manage to modify the bloom time for (Red)Ketchup's wonderful Garden Walls Utility:
    This changed the look of the game world completely for me; I like a lot of open spaces and wilderness with copses(?) of trees in my village maps and this makes them so much better to look at. They've gotten a little thick in the attached image, but it's an example.
  11. Yeah, the canal parts themselves are beautiful (I especially like the 'old' looking one), but I catch myself flattening streams and trying to build the canals over them for the water. You have helped complete the look!
  12. Wow, (Red)Ketchup, that water looks really nice.
  13. That's my favorite one so far too. I've only got a little forest community with two people and a child right now but I plan on growing up to the 'coast'.
  14. I have two so far (very large, lakes) that I like because of the rivers, streams and lakes. The top one because you can almost get like a 'coastal city' in the Northwest part of the map and almost every lake is connected to the main river so no canals needed for traders. Some inconvenient hill locations but I don't mind those. And this second one has a pretty decent sized island in the river bend.