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  1. I've fallen into the trap of The Long Dark, getting devoured by wolves or freezing in the snow several times a day...
  2. FrançaisE! Et en vacance, donc pas très présente ici Pour l'anglais, ça m'a l'air de rouler. Surtout si je regarde le machin qu'on me demande d'éditer aujourd'hui, et qui est pourtant écrit par un Irlandais... Yikes.
  3. First vacations since Forever. I'm even forgetting I have a laptop in my bag! Taking naps is SO distracting. ^_^

    1. Sabouma


      enjoy your time off ^^

  4. As far as I'm aware, there's no way to add any kind of new statistics into the game. The "best" that you can get is the number of families and homes from the Townhall, and I'm pretty sure you can't isolate those 2 numbers, you must have that whole first tab of statistics as a whole. So it is possible to add that "general stats" to the immigration office" on top of the "allow nomads yes/no" page, but that's about it.
  5. Ooohhh, un(e) autre français(e)!!!!
  6. I spent a month in Christchurch ages (20 years!) ago. The North Island is still on my list of places to visit
  7. North or South island Catty?
  8. Gonna need a bigger oven!
  9. Retsina! (Not an ouzo fan, sorry!)
  10. Frenchie living in France here. In Brittany. Can't go much further west than that in France. Drive 30km further west and you'll drop in the Atlantic.
  11. That's because the Clay item got updated as it's the same name/file as the one in CC, but NMT itself hasn't been updated for the new limits/flags. The individual items get changed thanks to CC or the compatibility mod, but the buildings are still set to allow the storage of stuff using the old flags only. So in a bunch of buildings, the workers will look for the items based on their name and bring them to their work building, but be unable to drop the stuff there to work on it, simply because the building is set to accept only Materials in its storage instead of the new Raw Materials or Construction Materials things.
  12. When you're in the Banished main menu, which game version is shown at the bottom of the screen?
  13. The deer you see on your map actually matter too. If you want to have more deer meat/leather than duck meat & feathers, try to place your hunting lodge so that you have at least 1 herd of deer inside its circle. Or use the mod.
  14. You'd also need CC 1.75.
  15. The Lumber isn't showing in construction materials either, so you have a conflict in game/mod versions indeed.