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  1. Farmers are pretty stubborn. If the point they want to use to access the field is blocked, they stop working. It won't matter if you've put gates or left a few access spots without fences, they won't walk around to go through those. They might have worked a few years, but if housing/job pathing changed in any way and now goes through a fence, they stop working. Make sure you either use fences they can walk through, or leave one row of free space between your fields and fences.
  2. I "fixed" that by going into the Steam options and remapping whatever was using F12 to something else (/ on numpad in my case). Freeing F12 from any kind of Steam use let me use it for the Banished screenshots without UI.
  3. Omigosh, there's a "feed" thing? what-is-it-what-is-it-what-is-it?!!


    1. ShockPuppet


      Lol herro. You really need to hang out here more :)


    2. Vrayna


      Mppff! So it's not a "Feed some cookies" thing? I need to go get my own cookies at the bakery? M'bah!

    3. ShockPuppet


      Bakery cookies are the best :)


  4. The problem nowadays is that there are so many new things in CC, with most items having several possible ways of producing them, and then having several possible use. A complete production chart would probably end up looking like some kind of 3D mega-spiderweb mess.
  5. You might have a buggy map, with a spot on the edge that people see as a valid path instead of impassible mountain. So if they decide to cross a river/creek near your village for any reason (accidental clearing job on the wrong side, or just the wish to go there to iddle), they'll start a long trek to the edge of the map to get around that river. Building bridges across any creek near your village might help, but in the end if it's a buggy map-edge spot, you might run into trouble later on again. Safest bet would be to restart with a different map seed.
  6. Holey Cheese guys! You made me giggle-snort in my coffee again!
  7. I wouldn't have seen them if you hadn't mentioned them
  8. *waves wildly* Hi everyone! I'm still Vrayna, I'm still very French, still rather crazy (in a goof goofy way of course) and still addicted to chocolate. I finally made my way over here from the old forum. I took a bit of a detour on the way for health reasons, but now I'm back! Let's have cake to celebrate!