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  1. Frenchie living in France here. In Brittany. Can't go much further west than that in France. Drive 30km further west and you'll drop in the Atlantic.
  2. That's because the Clay item got updated as it's the same name/file as the one in CC, but NMT itself hasn't been updated for the new limits/flags. The individual items get changed thanks to CC or the compatibility mod, but the buildings are still set to allow the storage of stuff using the old flags only. So in a bunch of buildings, the workers will look for the items based on their name and bring them to their work building, but be unable to drop the stuff there to work on it, simply because the building is set to accept only Materials in its storage instead of the new Raw Materials or Construction Materials things.
  3. When you're in the Banished main menu, which game version is shown at the bottom of the screen?
  4. The deer you see on your map actually matter too. If you want to have more deer meat/leather than duck meat & feathers, try to place your hunting lodge so that you have at least 1 herd of deer inside its circle. Or use the mod.
  5. You'd also need CC 1.75.
  6. The Lumber isn't showing in construction materials either, so you have a conflict in game/mod versions indeed.
  7. As far as I remember, those were part of Kralyerg's original extra mod for precious stuff, and not in CC. Maybe they were in CC during the Golden Llama times and got removed afterwards? I'm not sure. I used to run My Precious above CC if I wanted the marble/Jade quarries, but I guess they might cause crashes now with the new inventory categories. I don't think those quarries will come back directly in CC (but who knows for sure!), and I'm not sure Kralyerg still has the code for MyPrecious or if it got lost in his GreatHarddriveMeltdowwn.
  8. I love those roads in summer, but... There's something off with their snowy state. They just look like a strip of flat greyish-white stuff that's hard to spot as a road.
  9. Omigosh! I need to add some of those mods to my list now. I think looking at this thread has just doomed my current town. Sorry little banishies, you're on your own, I must go take care of another new settlement now!
  10. If the house is outside the market radius, the people living in it will go to the closest place to get what they need. If the market is closer than the barn, they'll go there anyway and get a bit of everything. If they have a barn that only has fish in it near their house, they'll get food there and will end up with an unhealthy diet. The market vendors will go anywhere on the map to bring goods to their market. The circle is the attraction range for the market's users, it doesn't limit the distance the vendor will go to find what he needs to fill the market's inventory.
  11. What we'd need is Luke to go over his code and add a kind of check at every few years or every change of year to remove from the inventory list any item you currently have 0 of in your town. You'd get rid of any kind of food you bought once at the start and then never made again, old rough tools, starting potatoes, firewood/bundles if you've switched to coal and random stuff like that from the list. If you're producing a wide range of stuff you'd still get issues from a bloated inventory, but at least you'd remove a bit of useless empty items on the lists. I know I'd gladly accept a pause of a couple of seconds at every change of year if it meant a cleaner inventory. (Even better would be the addition of a clean-up button that you could hit once you find yourself with lots of stuff at 0. You could skip the cleaning if your computer has no trouble with anything, or hit it as often as you need to.)
  12. It's weird, it kinda looks like the mod is somehow not enabled in that town. If you check the mods list from inside your town instead of the main menu, it really shows as being active?
  13. Were those buildings built before you enabled or updated the mod?
  14. *stumbles out of her den*

    Hibernation season seems to be over.  :animal10:

  15. Farmers are pretty stubborn. If the point they want to use to access the field is blocked, they stop working. It won't matter if you've put gates or left a few access spots without fences, they won't walk around to go through those. They might have worked a few years, but if housing/job pathing changed in any way and now goes through a fence, they stop working. Make sure you either use fences they can walk through, or leave one row of free space between your fields and fences.