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  1. Bwaha! That's both awesome and terrible!
  2. People walk through graveyard while idling, right? So we'd get people either walking under lakes or magically walking on water?
  3. It looks totally amazing!
  4. Well, my memories of where luxuries could get stored were wrong too, so this was a good reminder!
  5. Welcome to the madness everyone!
  6. Well, the last Banished patch added a bunch of categories, but I think they all got used up for all the random stuff CC adds to the game (SO many things were stuffed into the same few categories in the previous versions of CC. It was terrifying!)
  7. If you tried to destroy the mine when it got emptied without upgrading it first, it's doomed to remain a ruined building or a pit, just like it would be in vanilla Banished.
  8. Removed the dodgy url. The whole thing is suspicious, but there's no other post from that person, so letting it stand. They'll get hit with the banhammer if they come back for spammin'-fun.
  9. CC 1.71 was made for Banished 1.0.6, so no you should not use that, but stick to the CC 1.75 version. About adding other mods: remember the load order stuff: If it's meant to change something from CC, it should be above CC (no smoke for example, or Iron is Iron). Anything else can go under CC safely.
  10. Have you upgraded them? They can only be destroyed once they have been upgraded. (And then, since the second upgrade makes them limitless, there's not much point in destroying them, unless you want to build something else in that spot)
  11. An update can have changed what Kapersky flags as unsafe. And even disabled, if something is on its naughty list, I'm not sure it regains access to your Documents folder. How full is your Save folder by the way? It's in Documents/Banished/Save. It can be a good idea to clean out all the old towns you will never play again now and then. A super full folder can cause crashes when saving, and a couple of people have reported that it also can cause issues on loading. Never seen that first-hand myself, as I delete old towns regularly.
  12. Lately those "crash when saving" issues have been caused by antivirus updates that flag Banished as a threat and restrict the game's ability to access your Documents folder. Check out your antivirus, especially the "quarantine" or "threat" lists to remove Banished from there, and/or put the Banished Application-x64.exe in the list of things to trust. The place and way to do that depends on which antivirus you use, so I'm afraid I can't really help more. Using Avira, I've never had any issue with that.
  13. Alt-tab out entirely,, do other stuff while it loads, and check regularly
  14. If you want the very old versions of MegaMod, they are still up on BanishedInfo (I think we don't actually have the ones older than 0.07 on this site, the previous ones were on our old website) here. There are potential version conflicts though, depending on how up-to-date your Banished game is. If you are still running old versions of Banished, the old Megamod should work. If you updated to Banished 1.0.7, you'll need to add the compatibility mod above Megamod. It was made for MM0.07 though so there might be a few weird side effects on older versions. On the other hand, if you are still running an old version of Banished, that could be why the more recent MM mod isn't working for you. It's worth checking that detail (As a side note, CC itself grew a lot between the version that was used in MM 0.06 and now. IT's quite possible that CC on its own would be enough to keep you entertained, and you could hand-pick a few things to throw in the mix and enable/disable depending on what you feel like building for each new town. IT's what I tend to do.)
  15. If your Banished version is still 1.0.6, your CC version should be Journey 1.72 I think. If Banished is updated to 1.0.7, grab the 1.75 update of CC Journey or you might have a few hiccups with people unable to store things in the right barn, or bring the right material to their workplace.