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  1. I'm afraid I have no clue how/why/what's going on or how to fix it then.
  2. Have you tried the "Use Software Mouse" option? If you use the Steam version of Banished, have you tried to disable the Steam Overlay, in case that's what's messing things up in-game after a recent Steam update? (I don't see why it'd do that, but better safe than sorry)
  3. So my issue with this was that the version of "Slightly Ridiculous Storage" I was using enabled markets to stock Luxuries. I updated it to the November 2017 version and rebuilt my markets, and things seem to work now. I'd have sworn I had updated that mod in December, but I guess it had escaped my Big Cleanup And Update spree. I don't know how it is with just CC 1.75, could be that there's a bit of an error but if you get one of the recently updated "Ridiculous Storage" mod loaded above CC, it should fix the issue once you rebuild the markets. There are versions of that mod that only increase the storage capacities by a littl bit, so it doesn't feel too "cheaty".
  4. Glad that's working! The 8 x 15 fields are my favorites too. They just work so well with the size of the buildings around.
  5. I'm afraid the climate is something that can't be changed after you've started. You have to pick it before the map gets generated.
  6. I'll confess to being a Serial Restarter too... My towns almost never go over 500 citizens... Oops!
  7. The default max number of workers might be 1 whatever the size of the field in CC (it's 2 in un-modded Banished if I remember right), but it can be increased on the field's info window. That's the "x of 1" counter circled in red on the screenshot, whereas the 2nd "0" thing stands for the total number of farmers employed in your town. You can increase the first one to whatever you need for each field. If you don't have that option on the field, there's something wrong As a side note, even a maximum size field will not require 14 workers, although you -could- assign that many once you've increased that worker limit on the field. On a regular climate a single farmer that doesn't need to walk too much can take care of a field worth 120 squares. Some people like the 11x11 size, I prefer 8x15 for the way it looks. I tend to dislike fields that are "too big" because it means that if you get a crop infestation you are going to lose a large amount of food, whereas several fields that aren't too close together will only let you lose part of that crop's harvest. Considering my usual luck with disasters and diseases or infestations, I'm definitely sticking to the small fields.
  8. I've had some partial success in smuggling stuff into the tavern by temporarily setting my markets to have 0 vendor. Stuff that does get to the tavern stays there even once you get vendors back. Tavern people are apparently unable to get stuff from the market once it's there but if they get to it first, they keep it. Maybe if the tavern is closer to the booze production than a market, it can get some of it regularly. I'll try it when I'm back to my place with my desktop. My laptop is running an unmodded Banished for giggles at the moment (And the "elsewhere" was in DMs because I couldn't remember how/why luxuries were going to the market and if that was normal. It's not.) I wonder if it could be that the luxuries flag was disabled for markets in previous versions of CC, but when more flags were added in the last version of Banished, it got accidentally re-added to the markets in the CC update.
  9. Funny that, we were just discussing that issue elsewhere: luxuries being brought to markets instead of the tavern buildings. Guess you could say it's a "known issue". Probably not worth rolling out a new CC version for it, but a "fix" to load above might happen if Kralyerg spots what causes the problem and we bribe him with enough cookies. (No pressure Kralyerg! )
  10. That old mod is most likely slightly buggy by now if used with CC. Doubt it can handle all the new stuff the mod added, or even what Banished 1.0.7 added.
  11. Welcome to the mayhem everyone!
  12. There's also Aven Colony for the Space Colony games: http://store.steampowered.com/app/484900/Aven_Colony/ . I honestly tend to get bored in PlanetBase. Aven Colony seems more fleshed out.
  13. Happy Holidays everyone! :heart3:

  14. I've fallen into the trap of The Long Dark, getting devoured by wolves or freezing in the snow several times a day...
  15. FrançaisE! Et en vacance, donc pas très présente ici Pour l'anglais, ça m'a l'air de rouler. Surtout si je regarde le machin qu'on me demande d'éditer aujourd'hui, et qui est pourtant écrit par un Irlandais... Yikes.