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  1. The "old" version of One Year Is One Year touched something about the distances that were considered valid for people to go and find tasks to do, and it seems to have caused issue for some people. There's a new version of it on the Steam Workshop that apparently only touches the ages and nothing else, so I guess it should work fine. Not sure where else it can be found. Otherwise there's inded RealTimeAging, that doesn't have any issue that I've ever noticed.
  2. The hot crops mod for CC should work for all CC-plants in MM. Maybe at some point someone will add the non-CC crops to it, but at the moment it won't affect them.
  3. Hahahaha! Same mistake. I used it in an already large town. Everyone starved within a couple of years.
  4. If it gave you an error message mentioning DX9 when you crashed, it's worth trying to go back to DX11. Press CTRL while starting Banished to bring up the options menu before the game itself and change it from there. It might help you get past that initial loading issue. I've had a few rare crashes mid-game with DX11, that's why I stick to the longer loading times of DX9 (as it loads slow but fine for me). Emphasis on rare.
  5. Pretty sweet lake indeed!
  6. You need to pick the "ghost" version of the decorations, and once they are built you get that option. (It's also the step you must take if you want to delete them). I'm not sure that's something that's available for all the decorative things from MM, but should be in CC.
  7. It makes sure you can have your fuel refinery working with something that doesn't risk stealing "home" kinds of fuel from your people. You can safely have both something your people will burn to stay warm, and something you will be using exactly where your want to, without people stealing it. It can save you a bit of a micro-├╣anagement headache.
  8. You need to get a fuel refinery to produce the thing called precisely Furnace Fuel. The "Industrial coal" you're making is called this way to differenciate it from something that could be taken into houses as regular fuel would.
  9. Beta and main should be the same version by now on Steam, I just think Luke forgot to disable the beta thing.
  10. Mentioned that re-upload in the Steam thread so if anyone came from there to get the file earlier, hopefully they'll see it too and update.
  11. I'm wondering if the solution wouldn't be to make the Ale Wenches use Booze as a material to produce Booze. That way they'd go get the existing booze made elsewhere from other storage places and bring it to their "tavern" and play at fake-transforming that booze into the stuff that people come and drink while having a chat. Of course it could get a it messy with the amount of different wines/alcohols/teas/coffees/ etc etc.
  12. In the original game, the Ale Wench's role was to produce the booze from fruits, so she worked like the tailor or blacksmith, grabbing materials to bring to her workplace and making stuff from them. The difference was that she wouldn't move the booze out of her workplace's storage but let it sit there to be consumed by anyone in need of a pick-me-up. So I suspec that an Ale Wench doesn't know how to pick up booze from storage to bring to the taverns in mods. It'd be like a tailor stealing clothes from the barns to bring back to his shop. In mods there just there to let people use the stuff stored in their tavern, a bit like ah herbalist that reached the herb limits and is just there to let people use the herbs to feel better. All the "consume luxuries without making them" places added in mods seem to have that issue. It's the place producing the booze/luxury that has to bring it to be stored at the "consumption place". The only way I've managed to have that working smoothly has always been to have the luxury "consumption" place be the closest available drop off place for workers making the booze. I don't know if the Ale Wench's job can actually be tweaked to fix that. I don't think the problem is with the building's sotarge flags or anything like that, just stubborn workers who are too dumb to make sure they have booze in their cellar.
  13. Depending on the browser you use, you might get an error message or a warning about not being able to check the link for a virus. That's because the mod is huge. Ignore that error message and order your browser to go on with that download anyway. That's the only reason I can think of. The "Download this file" link works for me on the CC1.75 page. If that leads you to a "blank" (or black) page with Endless-Spinning-Wheel-Of-Waiting, there should be a download arrow in the top-right corner to force the dowload.
  14. *cheers wildly* Yay for a working WoB!
  15. The Reed farms (and most other dock buildings) feel too strong on regular maps, but they were designed with the waterworld (or marsh) kind of maps in mind, where land-area is very limited, and reeds are the main resource you'll use to get firebundles, ropes and clothing. It has to produce a lot to keep up with the demands in a dock town. The footprint definitely feels too small for the production though.
  16. The building needs to be emptied by labourers first. Are they all busy doing something else? Do you have enough free storage space to put all the stuff that's inside the building? I see your barn is marked up for demolition, do you have a regular barn somewhere else to drop all the stuff from that one and the smithy in? Labourers will very rarely bring stuff to store in a market, you always need regular barn-type of buildings in a town. Though consdering the size of your town, that shouldn't be the issue. I see your population is pretty high. Are you playing at very high speed? It could be that the AI doesn't have time to finish assigning jobs before it needs to restart its next round of pathing/job assignement calculations. Things sometimes rind to a halt in old towns at high speeds. Exiting and relaunching the game and trying to play at lower speeds can help.
  17. There's a limited amount of flags that can be used. The last patch for Banished added more, but not enough to be able to have a more detailed kind of sorting than what we currently have. It was actually a lot more messy before that, when we had a lot less flags to use. So many things fell into the same category, it was quite a nightmare. As for letting buildings produce stuff without limits, as far as I'm aware that's not possible. I'm afraid the only solution is to raise the limits to the max an "export" the excess of stuff you don't want to clutter your town storage, or micro-manage the buildings a bit, to stop work in the ones producing the stuff you already have too much of.
  18. Bwaha! That's both awesome and terrible!
  19. People walk through graveyard while idling, right? So we'd get people either walking under lakes or magically walking on water?
  20. It looks totally amazing!
  21. Well, my memories of where luxuries could get stored were wrong too, so this was a good reminder!
  22. Welcome to the madness everyone!
  23. Well, the last Banished patch added a bunch of categories, but I think they all got used up for all the random stuff CC adds to the game (SO many things were stuffed into the same few categories in the previous versions of CC. It was terrifying!)
  24. If you tried to destroy the mine when it got emptied without upgrading it first, it's doomed to remain a ruined building or a pit, just like it would be in vanilla Banished.