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  1. Even when ticking the option to stay logged in or to remember your login? Could be something about your cookies being cleaned from your browser automatically when you close it. Mmmmm, cookiiiiiiiies. *drools*
  2. Mmmmm... Using the code from fields to let them naturally follow the slope, but restricting them to be 1-wide, deactivating the "work" ability in them (don't want to confuse farmers or have Work-Stopped icons everywhere) and giving them road-textures? Or a 1-wide invisible Graveyard (can they actually be tweaked to be placed on slopes?) in which people would be forbidden to bury their dead? Would that work Kralyerg? Using "real" buildings for hill-roads wouldn't really work as you'd need to have as many buildings as you have hill sizes and slope gradients. Bridges can be any length, but their height/slope is a fixed thing, and other buildings are a fixed size and can't be click-and-dragged to the right size.
  3. This. Unless the game specifically drops you back on desktop with an error message, it hasn't actually crashed, it's just working hard on loading the mod. It can take a pretty long time on older computers. It takes a couple of minutes on my desktop, and 3 on my laptop now that it has 8GB of RAM. It used to take longer before that. It's perfectly fine to alt-tab and do other stuff while it's loading. You can catch up on your emails or the latest gossip or simply go grab a snack and a drink to enjoy with your Banishing.
  4. I'm afraid I've never really had issues with any kind of "blurring". I'm no certain it looks as sharp when I touch the UI scale, but it's not really a noticeable issue on my system. :-/
  5. Are you using the same resolution in Banished as your system's global resolution? It seems to get blurrier if you're using different ones.
  6. Buildings like mines reduce happiness, so it's possible that people working there drop a star while at work. You can try building wells around the quarries/mines/heavy industry types of buildings. It might keep people from getting unhappy at work and allow you to reach that global 5 star. It's also entirely possible that you have that one grumpy person in your town whose (buggy) happiness never updates and stays stuck on 1 or 2 stars, whatever you do. In that case you'll have to wait for him/her to die.
  7. Have you tried switching back to DirectX9? Keep CTRL pressed while starting the game to bring up the options first, and switch from DirectX11 to 9 and see if that helps.
  8. Well, you just listed your error right there: Your Banished version is 1.0.7, and your CC version (1.5.5) was made for Banished 1.0.4. The pretty large changes in the game and modkit between 1.0.4 and 1.0.7 make a lot of the old mods crash. Even if they don't crash on start, you'd run into issues with how items are flagged and which buildings accept which kinds of items in their storage. The current version of Banished is 1.76 and is here. Depending on your computer, you might also want to go and manually launch the Application-x64.exe instead of the default "application" or the automatically-created shortcut.
  9. You just need to make sure they are in the right 1-2-3 order.
  10. The tutorial only works with the vanilla version of the buildings it asks you to use. So yeah, mods make it crash or fail when the game doesn't recognize you've indeed built what it told you to.
  11. The Steam community for Banished is generally pretty damn sweet too. There's a few people who show up now and then with a dose of that "I'm gonna ask question in an aggressive tone or insult the game" thing common on Steam, but they are rare and it usually doesn't last.
  12. Blinkiiiiin! Long time no see. I missed you by just a couple of minutes yesterday oin Discord
  13. Ooooh, fancy complicated screen
  14. *blinks* I don't remember a G-Synch option o_o
  15. V-Sync causes some odd issues in some games. It's something that I personally turn off by default and will only switch on if I see odd artefacts on the screen while playing.
  16. The browser version works very well. I am personally a tad allergic to the app, but have no problem leaving it open in the background in Firefox.
  17. The "old" version of One Year Is One Year touched something about the distances that were considered valid for people to go and find tasks to do, and it seems to have caused issue for some people. There's a new version of it on the Steam Workshop that apparently only touches the ages and nothing else, so I guess it should work fine. Not sure where else it can be found. Otherwise there's inded RealTimeAging, that doesn't have any issue that I've ever noticed.
  18. The hot crops mod for CC should work for all CC-plants in MM. Maybe at some point someone will add the non-CC crops to it, but at the moment it won't affect them.
  19. Hahahaha! Same mistake. I used it in an already large town. Everyone starved within a couple of years.
  20. If it gave you an error message mentioning DX9 when you crashed, it's worth trying to go back to DX11. Press CTRL while starting Banished to bring up the options menu before the game itself and change it from there. It might help you get past that initial loading issue. I've had a few rare crashes mid-game with DX11, that's why I stick to the longer loading times of DX9 (as it loads slow but fine for me). Emphasis on rare.
  21. Pretty sweet lake indeed!
  22. You need to pick the "ghost" version of the decorations, and once they are built you get that option. (It's also the step you must take if you want to delete them). I'm not sure that's something that's available for all the decorative things from MM, but should be in CC.
  23. It makes sure you can have your fuel refinery working with something that doesn't risk stealing "home" kinds of fuel from your people. You can safely have both something your people will burn to stay warm, and something you will be using exactly where your want to, without people stealing it. It can save you a bit of a micro-├╣anagement headache.
  24. You need to get a fuel refinery to produce the thing called precisely Furnace Fuel. The "Industrial coal" you're making is called this way to differenciate it from something that could be taken into houses as regular fuel would.