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  1. Oooh, I had forgotten about those!
  2. A couple of things: 1- Step 18:Starting MM 8.01 Part 1 wihout part 2 and 3 WILL most likely crash. You need all 3 parts. Part 1 on its own is not a complete mod. A real test would be all 3 parts of MM and nothing else at all. 2- when you say you enabled MM and other mods and it seemed to work, but you crashed on quitting the game: Had you loaded and enabled the mods then started a town instantly, and did you crash when you tried to exit that town? If that's the case, it's a "normal" issue that can happen whenever you make any change to your modlist and then playa town without first taking the extra step of entirely quitting Banished and restarting it before starting a town. One way to get around that is to launch banished wiht mods disabled (Keep CTRL pressed to get the options first and pick "start with no mod" or however that option is called), then go in the mod menu, enable the mods you want, confirm the changes when exiting, then quit Banished and restart it. You might get to enjoy the "long loading screen" then. After that, try starting a town and you should no longer crash when exiting it. Otherwise one thing you could try is start with CTRL pressed to bring up the options window. In the video options swtich from DirectX11 to DirectX9, then start with mods diabled and do the above steps to enable the mods and force the game to load them cleanly with a restart. DirectX9 usually means longer loading screens, but is more stable for quite a few people.
  3. Welcome to the madness
  4. As a side note, if you were playing version 1.71 of CC with an up-to-date version of Banished (usually is the case on Steam), you would have had issues in the long run with things not being handled correctly because of flag issues. While the 1.71 to 1.76 update instantly doomed your town without warning, in a way it spared you the heartache of crashes and AI madness at a later date on a larger town. :-/
  5. On my laptop MegaMod used to take over 9 minutes to load before I added more RAM. Blackscreen and nothing apparently happening doesn't mean it has crashed, just that it's taking time to load. When it crashes it usually i s"nice" enough to kick you back to desktop with an error message. Loading MegaMod is usually the perfect time to go grab drinks and food and go to the bathroom to be perfectly ready for a good long Banishing session.
  6. I could be wrong, but I think Bronze is actually in MegaMod but not in CC, where we have rough, iron and steel tools "only". So it's not CC-balancing it's consistency issues between mods.
  7. Welcome to the Banishing madness
  8. To increase your population, you need to provide "adult-kids" with new homes, as they won't have children while living in their parents houses. Where you're going "wrong" is that you kick out an entire family (parents + kids) by destroying a house before building another one. The kicked out family will then move in as a group to use that new house. If you have adult-kids elsewhere in town who need a home to start their own family, they still don't have any place to go. By destroying houses before building new ones, your number of available homes remains the same, so you will not see new couples move out from their parents' home to start families, meaning those young adults will not have children. If you do not add housing, the only time new couples will form will be when a house is freed by the death of the people who live there. By that time, the kids who because adults will be too old to have children. Basically, at the start you need to keep an eye on the age of the kids inside the parents' houses, and when you see both a male and a female become "adult" (aka get a job), you should provide a new house for them to move in. Once you can build a Town Hall, you have some helpful statistics: the number of houses and the number of "families". That second number is the number of potential families, counting all the couples that could form if there were enough houses, based on the ages of people around your town. It's usually a good thing to have the number of houses/families to stand at 2/3 or 3/4. Always a few more families than houses, so you don't accidentally split couples.
  9. Using 7Zip to open the correct version might give you a single MegaMod Folder, with the 3 .pkm files in it.
  10. Trying to switch the game to fullscreen might help, although as it seems you are using a WINE-wrapped version of Banished, it might not have the intended effects. Windowed mode has always had some slight issues even in Win7/Win8/Win10 for some people, so I am not surprised something would go wonky when played on Mac/Linux.
  11. Then it's really an issue with worker's carrying capacity being higher than the building's storage capacity I think.
  12. Taverns etc have a pretty limited storage space (400 if I remember right?). It's quite possible that by using Bigger Wheelbarrows, your workers pick up more stuff than the buildings can handle, so once the workers reach the tavern with say 700 booze, they decide "Nopes, no space" and just dump everything out. You could try building a large luxury storage, or adding Kralyerg's Ridiculous Storage mod above MM (I think it affects storage in luxury buildings) and see if that helps.
  13. The string tables for CC 1.75 are here: There might be just a few tiny changes in 1.76, but these should be mostly correct.
  14. 2500 for "herbs" seeds kinda makes me think it could be The North. If that's the case you're going to run into issues as both mods use the extra flags/categories for different things. Incorrectly flagged items won't be handled correctly, possibly not being allowed in the buildings that need them to work.
  15. I've never noticed that. If you are using Win10, try disabling the Game Bar, Game Mode and all the stuff in that part of the options. It does weird stuff to what's going on while games are running.
  16. "Red conflict" simply means the mods alter the same files, it doesn't mean they'll automatically crash. In the case of the MegaMod, its 3 parts will always show up as red. The larger the mod, the longer the loading time. Unless you are dropped back to your desktop with an error message, the blackscreen doesn't meana crash, just slow painfull loading. CC is several times larger than the base game, and MegaMod is again way larger. Depending on your computer the loading time for MM can go from just a few seconds (omigosh, I want a computer like that) to what feels like an eternity (14 minutes on my laptop). During that time you can actually alt-tab and go do stuff. That super long loading time will happen first when you exit the mods menu (the game needs to reload everything). Once you're back on the main menu, you need to exit entirely the game to make sure the modchanges are correctly registered. If you don't, you will crash when trying to exit your town. Restarting the game will again mean a long loading screen (you'd get it anyway if you "enjoyed" a crash, so might as well do things cleanly!), then you can start your new town. Depending on the type and size of map you picked, map creation/loading times can vary. Large maps with many lakes are slower to load than smaller maps with less water. I think the slowest to load are large marsh maps, because of the amount of tiny lakes. Using DirectX11 tends to give much faster loading times, but for some people it is less stable and will lead to crashes while playing. DirectX9 is more stable, but the load times are scary. Oops, j'ai répondu en anglais. Pour une version en français il suffit de crier bien fort, je ferai si nécessaire!
  17. If you installed/wrapped/ported Banished first and tested it, then tried to add the .pkm files, that could be your issue. There was a very old thread on our previous forums about using Banished on Mac using WINE, and the conclusion was that you need to add the .pkm files inside the Windata folder, and then wrap everything together in WINE. So whatever you're using, it could be worth trying to grab a fresh unported version of Banished and adding the mod files first, then doing whatever you need to do with your porting kit. (That's just roughly what I remember from a thread I have't seen in a couple of years and can't seem to find. I've never tried any of it myself)
  18. Happy Banishing! No campaign, no mission, no unlocking of tech trees or anything like that in Banished. Everything is available right from the start, IF you have the right materials to build it. Mods add some an artificial feeling of progress by making building stuff have requirements produced by a chain of other buildings, so you need to build them in order (unless you are lucky and traders bring you just whatyou need, when you need it).
  19. Even when ticking the option to stay logged in or to remember your login? Could be something about your cookies being cleaned from your browser automatically when you close it. Mmmmm, cookiiiiiiiies. *drools*
  20. Mmmmm... Using the code from fields to let them naturally follow the slope, but restricting them to be 1-wide, deactivating the "work" ability in them (don't want to confuse farmers or have Work-Stopped icons everywhere) and giving them road-textures? Or a 1-wide invisible Graveyard (can they actually be tweaked to be placed on slopes?) in which people would be forbidden to bury their dead? Would that work Kralyerg? Using "real" buildings for hill-roads wouldn't really work as you'd need to have as many buildings as you have hill sizes and slope gradients. Bridges can be any length, but their height/slope is a fixed thing, and other buildings are a fixed size and can't be click-and-dragged to the right size.
  21. This. Unless the game specifically drops you back on desktop with an error message, it hasn't actually crashed, it's just working hard on loading the mod. It can take a pretty long time on older computers. It takes a couple of minutes on my desktop, and 3 on my laptop now that it has 8GB of RAM. It used to take longer before that. It's perfectly fine to alt-tab and do other stuff while it's loading. You can catch up on your emails or the latest gossip or simply go grab a snack and a drink to enjoy with your Banishing.
  22. I'm afraid I've never really had issues with any kind of "blurring". I'm no certain it looks as sharp when I touch the UI scale, but it's not really a noticeable issue on my system. :-/
  23. Are you using the same resolution in Banished as your system's global resolution? It seems to get blurrier if you're using different ones.
  24. Buildings like mines reduce happiness, so it's possible that people working there drop a star while at work. You can try building wells around the quarries/mines/heavy industry types of buildings. It might keep people from getting unhappy at work and allow you to reach that global 5 star. It's also entirely possible that you have that one grumpy person in your town whose (buggy) happiness never updates and stays stuck on 1 or 2 stars, whatever you do. In that case you'll have to wait for him/her to die.
  25. Have you tried switching back to DirectX9? Keep CTRL pressed while starting the game to bring up the options first, and switch from DirectX11 to 9 and see if that helps.