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  1. I think if I had a wish list it would be for "Nomad" to expand the Mission Theme. I tend to play on the red desert Mediterranean climate because it suits where I live and I can't stand the snow-time in game. There is a monastery near me called New Norcia that was founded by Benedictine Monks from Spain Heres a few images- https://www.google.com.au/search?safe=off&biw=1094&bih=486&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=new+norcia+Western+australia&oq=new+norcia+Western+australia&gs_l=img.3..0.37637.46500.0.48184. I would love more options in this theme, upgradable homes, edge walls, and joins that can fit tall walls to low walls, markets etc I already always wall off an area to do Llamas, Chilies, Agave & Tequila, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and corn, i just really like the look of this mod!
  2. Yes, I have tried that, my last game I had that Nomad Well and the Mission Church. At a poulation of 400 or so the well would attract up to 60-70 or more nomads which would completely cripple me on food and resources but the Mission Church at the same time would attract only 12- 20 nomads which I could more reasonably accomadate. I found the Mission Church very useful but the Nomad Well- I would always see them filing into town and thought no- not enough food or houses for these mob.
  3. I can't bring myself to start with Adam and Eve. It's just too icky. I always go for nomads to contribute to the gene pool, I know it's not a thing but it is in the back of my head. I like the nomad church in the Mission theme because it only has half or less of the nomads requesting citizsenship at any one time who i can usually easily accomadate.
  4. I have added these houses, I really like the look of them and they do fit in well with Ketchup's stuff, I am mid game now but next time I will add Necora's stuff too. I can't wait for some playthroughs on you tube with the latest, I tend to watch and play repeat, learning as i go. I would definitely watch you play @despo20.
  5. I played vanilla to begin with, it is a good place to start but it doesn't last long, I couldn't even wait to do the acheivements before I was craving extra content. I am now up to date on the mods and everything is working tickety-boo. The options are vast and sometimes tricky and the decoration selection is amazing. My general mistake with the MM and CC mods is producing everything I need because I want to build EVERYTHING and finding that the traders offer nothing that I'm not producing myself so things like bedding, trade animals and jade statues start clogging up storage instead of being traded. I now always leave a few things to get from the traders like roof tiles, and you can never have too many bricks. Welcome @MightyMouse @f14d83 @Kedryn, et bienvenue @Althenais (mon français est horrible, désolé)
  6. Oh of course, thankyou @QueryEverything
  7. Hi there, up till now I have been playing with megamod 0.06 and tonight downloaded the 0.07 version. I deleted the original 0.06pkm file in the WinData folder and replaced it with the 0.07 one but when I load and go to sort the running order I see it is still running the 0.06. I am confused, what do you think I might be doing wrong? edit- CC 1.71 Journey has since been updated successfully to 1.75 by doing the same as above, megamod still beligerently staying 0.06
  8. As far as watching goes - Youtube- Vaypah Gaming, Noble Rambler and Nightghost, was watching Biffa but he's moved on to cities skylines, I am still too obsessed with Banished, it's hard to find someone whose voice you can put up with but I have no complaints about the above 4. Also various D&D streams, I like to get a D&D game in once a month if I can. Television- I'm all about American Gods at the moment. I have read the book 3 times but by some sort of mind anomaly I can't for the life of me remember what happens, only that it's worth reading again. The tv show is looking to do every justice to the book so far. As to listening, I work in a live music venue and buy my music from the merchandise desk of the bands I like so most of it is local- these guys are so local, they are my friends and the clip is filmed at my work and home town- if youre interested, it's a nice dreamy melody.
  9. Hmm, I am still a bannie, I don't think this will win me over completely but there are aspects I love about this, in particular the non-grid dependant placement of structures and I don't know if those paths were put in or were created by the frequent passage of the villagers. Keen to give it a go and find out.
  10. I was thinking of something like this too, I don't quite know what you mean by 'modkit' @estherhb but I presume it means the way the mechanics of the game work it is just not possible. I was thinking of the mechanics of Kingdoms and Castles where viking raiders and the occasional dragon cause disasters and cull the population every now and then. It would be hard to do it sensitively anyway if we are talking raids by natives, it opens a whole can of issues that would be a political minefield. (How about not suppressing the goblins- nobody cares about the sensibilities of goblins!) The disaster that I thought might be do-able was the bushfire which would leave a path in much the same way as a tornado but with fire instead (instead of the tornado graphic, have a big plume of black smoke. Bushfires in Australia can move just as fast as a tornado), I don't know how much modding that would need but there's plenty of disasters in the game as it is to keep you on your toes.
  11. I thought this was part of the strategy, I remember seeing some youtubers use firewood for trading in vanilla but when I put the mods in I could never keep up, I try and set up the reed farms and bundlers asap so I can do away with firewood altogether and just use logs for lumber and building. Survival coats and furniture are my early trading products until I have enough population to run the jade and marble mines with the statue carvers.
  12. right, I will try that, I would have never thought of putting dock corner pieces on quay walls. I have a stretch of quay wall with no turns or corners and the bannies walk along it and bounce up and down as they walk along it -it is like there is a gap between the joins on each piece of quay wall, I'll try and get a screenshot, but it's an old save.
  13. I can see the Canning Highway from where I am sitting now!
  14. Hi, I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a pest but I have built quay edges at my town and the bannies have no choice but to use the quay walls as a way to get to their destinatiion. When they walk along the riverside quay walls they fall into them. They disappear as if they are falling- I see them walk along and they go up-down up-down into the quay wall- does anybody know what I mean?
  15. Thank you, after reading all the threads I could find, it seems most people encounter problems when they use the terraforming tools, like I did to get the double bridge to build evenly and then again to get the wall around the quiet garden. The food trader that I built next to the bridge was actually farther out than I would have liked but the other traders seem to just go right through it. I still get enough traders at each, they are all working so it's not so much a problem as a curiosity