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  1. Then I will go ahead and plant them and see what happens, if they are food then it's all the more variety but if they just become storage fillers and trade items, I might just write them off as a bad investment- or use them as decorative annual beds in the government section gardens or something.
  2. I have often wondered about these flowers and I have bought tulips, violets, camelias and the jatophra thingy but I have not planted them yet because I am just trying to concentrate on getting my enormous population fed. Since there is no perfume option without knowledge of Chinese- now I'm wondering if it was worth it? Or is it that you can eat them? I just noticed Nightghost 49 "tinning tulips" on his Nomadia 2 YouTube series!?!?
  3. I used to never take on nomads for this particular reason, and then a disease popped up anyway so I thought- bugger it, I'll just look at dealing with the disease and take the nomads. I have a town of 1200 and only 1 hospital. I have always taken on nomads in this town and never had a problem. The hospital is central but isolated on an island with only one entrance. Nobody ever goes there apart from the physician and the sick people (and the occasional playing child) so when the disease periodically infects those nearby, there is usually nobody nearby. In this town I have never had more than 6 people sick at the same time. In contrast the other towns I have built I have had several hospitals in busy areas around the town and had an epidemic of up to 60 sick and 20 dying -all infected by walking near the hospital.
  4. Right, thanks @Paeng that makes sense, I should have known. The only other mod I am using is the AMAZING D20 medieval houses.
  5. Yes I think this is the right one, I don't know what the build number means
  6. That is what I am using. There is another thing I noticed today. I built a root cellar next to my food trader, thinking that it was a good place for all the veggies I buy but it has remained empty for years. The bannies will choose the vegetable lean-tos that I put near the crops so the farmers have somewhere close by to store their harvest, for efficiency. Now these lean-tos are full of veggies that I bought from the traders so the farmers have to take the harvest to the nearest barn, they always choose a generic barn, never the root cellar- which remains empty.
  7. My big problem with this was building rail. There is no way to pause rail tracks and no way to stop them being built once they are placed until they are finished. They will ignore all other priorities until the rail track has been laid down. I laid down 2 years worth of work (because I was planning the town around the rail) before I realised I could not stop the building or correct mistakes until the track laid was finished. Live and learn.
  8. I've been trying to fine tune the storage in my town by building the specialised storage sheds for wood, stone, fuel, industrial fuel, raw materials, construction, crafted items etc and I have noticed a few things. Roof tiles are stored as minerals along with coal and iron ore. Jade and marble end up all over the place, usually in the minerals shed but they can end up in the raw materials shed too. If the bannies have the option to use a generic stockpile they will, even if it is on the opposite side of town. I have a fuel refiner with an industrial fuel storage shed immediately next door, it remained empty while the bannies crossed three bridges to store around 300 furnace fuel in a generic stockpile miles away. It was only when I demolished the stockpile that they dragged the furnace fuel back to the correct storage shed. This is not a whinge, just an observation, it was kinda fun trying to work out what was going on and trying to work out how to get the bannies to do what I want. Anybody else noticed this?
  9. I just realised beans are on the tinnery list in game so all good.
  10. It is strange that beans are not on this list, a great combination would be ketchup+beans+tinnery=baked beans! (I know-impossible) I think I mentioned before how disgusting tinned lettuce and cucumber sound. I know they only come out as 'tinned vegetables' but I just can't bring myself to tin my lettuce crop.
  11. Subbed and watched, good to see all the latest mods, not many youtubers are using the megamod as it stands now, or at least I can't find them. Most of my usual let's plays are only using CC.
  12. J'ai regardé 'Les Revenants', 'Résistance', 'Disparue' et 'Hard', entre autres (Hard est très drôle). Je vais essayer de trouver les séries que vous avez mentionnées. Je suis toujours à la recherche de plus de recommandations. Je participais à une classe de français, mais je ne peux pas le permettre en ce moment.
  13. The bannies did eventually put it all back after I increased priority on the items. It happened to all the storage warehouses at the same time. I'm glad I didn't have to rebuild any because they were already upgraded from the storage barn. Strange, I will have to keep an eye on it.
  14. I started Kondo's technique lol, still have boxes full of 'unloved' items waiting to find a new home, didn't have the follow through, now my house is full again. Yes I will load up again and see what happens, I exited the first time it happened and loaded an earlier save but it happened again. I did delete a beetroot farm that was directly in front of it, that is where all the items are being placed. The barn behind the one you see is suspiciously low too.
  15. Can anybody tell me why the bannies are emptying the storage warehouse and laying all the wares outside around the building? The warehouses have not been set for destruction, the warehouse went from 85% full to 3% full in about 30 seconds and now almost everything is in the street- here's a picture, I have never come across this odd behaviour before.