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  1. Nice, I like those blacksmiths. They blend in surprisingly well with the vanilla one.
  2. Honestly I prefer simpler chains. Water as a resource also drives me nut because it just seems like it is being terribly underutilized that way. That being said I see no reason why sugar shouldn't be added.
  3. I love it. This should fit in well with everything else
  4. Makes sense, it would probably be a good time as well to tidy up the base mod
  5. I'll be honest, big production chains scare me. That being said, I do like the idea that you can't go right from a shore fisher to a deep ocean fishery. An idea maybe, is to consolidate the buildings. For example, have a weaver that can make sail-cloth in addition to regular cloth. (Also, wouldn't hemp be a better choice for rope and sail cloth?) Spars are made by the blacksmith, etc. Though a little quibble, from what I understand, isn't the hull built first, then plated? Wouldn't it make more sense for sails, spars, lumber, and copper to be mixed together at the shipyard to make ships? (Or just use the CC ship components, I mean people have been dismantling and rebuilding ships since the ancient Egyptians.)
  6. God that is ramshackle. Perfect place for those dirty nomads
  7. I wonder could you do a market like that in parts that can be joined up? Like say an edibles and a materials markets
  8. Schoolhouse?
  9. You know, seeing your work right next to the vanillia buildings really makes it clear how far you've come. You guys really need to have your own game.
  10. Goddamnit, just when I think I've seen enough. You're certainly getting a lot of practice with this.
  11. Question, are we also going to have a new weaver with this update? The old one is rather large and clunky
  12. Gods our town is going to look so much like a dump if we use this tileset. I love it. Would fit perfectly in an abandoned village start
  13. What about a roofed F-variety?
  14. I'm really excited to see you next release. Question though, after you are done everything are you going to include things like houses and maybe churches or schools?
  15. I definitely like these unintrusive signs a lot more