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  1. It always amazes me that sooner or later someone figures out how to bypass or crack some hard limit in Banished and open up new avenues of modding.
  2. Well, looks like someone has managed to crack the secret to animating new animals in Banished. That opens up some new possibilities.
  3. Would an invisible graveyard with invisible fences and invisible tombstones that can be built on water work?
  4. Got it working. Thanks for the help
  5. Thank you I have no idea why this is giving me such trouble. But that you for trying to help.
  6. When I tried 7-Zip I got "Cannot determine correct stream type?" and the problem is that I cannot extract anything from the folder. Is there maybe another download mirror or the files zipped in another format
  7. Yeah on both counts. I can't figure out what's going on. I've tried redownloading three times and using different unzipers but I just keep getting errors?
  8. I thought of that. But I've tried three different programs with the same result.
  9. I've tried downloading the latest version and all I keep getting is a file that's buggy and won't unzip
  10. Agreed, though I think there is a more intuitive way of implimenting them.
  11. So furance fuel was nice in a sense that is allowed you to get past technical problems with the code, but now that we have the new flags, I find myself wondering if it is really necessary. Other mods like The North and Small Village get by just fine with using charcoal directly, and the transformation into furnace fuel seems kind of an illogical and unnecessary step. One possibility is to make charcoal the default industrial fuel for everything from distilling to smelting. Maybe for smelting metals we toss in coal as well. Another way is to make firewood the easiest and cheapest fuel to produce. Charcoal is made by refining firewood and is a more powerful fuel. (You get more charcoal per firewood unit spent.) Coal meanwhile is a more powerful industrial fuel. (You need less coal for industrial recipes) and can be refined into coke to use as fuel for a much greater return. Like say for ten units of charcoal you only need five units of coal, and for fuel production you get six units of charcoal for every four firewood, while you get ten units of coke for every five units of coal?
  12. Love the new crop textures by the way. Any chance you could replace the lettuce with one of the CC's guy's models? And maybe add raspberries and blackberries
  13. I got it when it came out on early access, and while it has improved since then it still seems very imcomplete.
  14. I'm loving your work here, anything that increases the diversity of the landscape is good in my books.
  15. I've had some problems with not having my greenhouses take in bonemeal, and as a result won't produce anything? Anyone else getting this bug?