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  1. Mh. Ok ! They were 6-7 on a 10 places pasture. I let us on the Trading post just the time to make the pasture. Bah ! Don't know why they died but the one I had die too, so... I'll do better next time Thanks for your quick answer
  2. Just a question : what's a trade animal? What's the useful of trade animals? Have Llamas and Trade Leghorns. Llamas live long et reproduce, but my Trade Leghorns all died...
  3. Ok, thanks for the answer I tried to use it and noticed never work, so it was a little bit confusing Can someone talk about that with Luke or it's not possible (in general, not really a demand, even it'll be cool if it work some day)? I see on the official website/forum it has a support part but I have no access, can't register, just Sign In, so I'm out... Maybe someone already talked about that with him... Really don't know...
  4. Ok, I'll check that, thanks
  5. Hi ! Have a question ! In the MegaMod (the 8. Don't know if it's on an other pack or an other solo mod), the debug menu is very helpful, but I want to know something : What's the using of Customs Items (1 to 9)? How can we use it?
  6. Hi ! I'm sorry if I'm not on the good place for that but I don't know where talk about that, and talk to Discrepancy her/himself. I try her/his Town Tithe Barn and I love it but I think it coud be better (for me) if it doesn't store stones, iron, minerals, logs, and other stuff which are also in stock piles. Just a barn like others (food, clothes, textiles and tools) but with the extraordinary capacity of the DS TTB. Voilà, don't know if it's the right place for that but don't know where if it's not here Thanks by advance for your answers
  7. Ok ! Oh ! This is so cool ! Thanks to you
  8. Hi ! Is it normal Journey 1.75 turn red when I check MM8 3 parts ?
  9. Ok ! thanks for your explanations I'll try and tell you
  10. Hi, Ok ! So, I surely want the MM8, your mods are so great ! So, I download the file and just put it on the windata folder of my steam game folder, yes ?
  11. Hi guys ! When this version of the MegaMod will be in Steam Workshop ? Thanks by advance for your answer. Biz. Shanty
  12. @estherhb, yep, I know Play the game since he's release OK, I try
  13. @estherhb, in fact, it isn't really frustrating. The place around is ok and I don't want change anything for the moment, so, it's ok for me actually Just, I think if I want to change this place some time after, it'll be easier if it's demolish I tried the cancel removal tool, it doesn't check it, like there is nothing at the trees places. Honestly, I think they were not. I have the walnuts seed but not the pecan, but I don't remember this requirement when I take the tree to put it in on my village. For the laborers/builders, I have really enough Actually, I have 12 laborers so, 12 builders too The trees (I think) require 1 builder all the time and I let that builder all the time
  14. @QueryEverything, I use the 1.0.7 Beta (Build 170320) Banished version and the CC: 1.7.5 Journey with 0.07 MegaMods. I have a full of laborers I can change to builders, all the time. And I have a builder I don't know why he's here. I think it's for that trees, because even when all the buildings I build are finish, he's here. I have storage to 'remains' of the building. Take a screenshot isn't necessary, 'reclaim' the trees doesn't do nothing. It's always in demolition. I can't do anything. Thank you I don't know, I think they're bugged... @estherhb, I don't remember if they were completely built when I decide to demolish them...
  15. Hi, Sorry but, what is a tinnery ? Have you a synonym ? I look on translation's plateformes and don't find anything...