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  1. I remember that in MM you have 2 greenhouses. The one that only produces tropical fruits and the other is seedling.
  2. Hi, I'm back. I've speed up the game for a few years but no change. What a shame. Anyway, apparently those trade horses are really invisible. Because when I make a new pasture, and fill normal horses in it, the horses are there. See this: As you can see, the horses in the background are normal horses, whilst the trade horses in pasture were invisible. Any help with this? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I'll wait it for more few years. Will come back here if anything changes.
  4. Hi. My Banished version is 1.0.6, not 7. Unfortunately, I don't have an earlier save, since this is my first save game in the session. For the dock, I use an Old Town Trading Post. Here is the screenshot The dock doesn't let you see animals like regular dock. But it works for non trade animals. Anyway, you can see in my screenshot that there is no item called "trade horse". The screenshot is taken right after I bought the animal from the trader, before I build my pasture. Thanks.
  5. To @estherhb, I only use MM and its Deco Pack. My game version is 1.0.6 To @QueryEverything, my trading post has a direct access to pasture, it is not too close, but not too far either. I bought only two trade animals at that time because my resources are low (I'm still in early game). Is two animals isn't enough to breed other? See this screenshot: Anyway, thanks for helping me with this problem.
  6. So the title says it all. Recently I got trade horse from trading post, but somehow that trade horse is not listed in my inventory. On the other hand, I tried to build pasture to see if I can breed those trade horses first. It works, but those trade horses are invisible. You know, empty pasture but with horses sound in it. Thanks.
  7. Alright, thanks for the answer. Anyway, why don't include Seedling in the icon chart? I think it confuses some people who new at MM. Just a suggestion.
  8. Hi. So, I have a question about decorations in megamod. As you can see in my attached screenshot, the bushes need that thing to build. But I don't know what it is. I even can't find that thing in the icon chart. So where do I can get those? If I only use the standalone version of CC, those bushes needs logs (the tooltip says that), not that little plant thingy. Thanks before.