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  1. Hi all, I'm new to the forum but have been playing CC mod for quite a while. One thing I've noticed is that by the time I've built a reasonably sustainable community, the trade outposts make obtaining everything too easy (for me). But playing the game without any trade outposts mean that many items (interesting seeds, animals) are unobtainable. So, I've been toying with a couple of rules or constraints on the gameplay that I think make an interesting addition. I'd welcome feedback on whether other people think these are interesting, or want to discuss any ideas about improving them. I am a software programmer, but I haven't looked at how Banished mods work at all, so I don't know if these ideas could be actually implemented in a mod supplement (so I'd welcome input there, and I'd be open to doing some development work if there's a path for that): You can build only one trading post, and it has to be a farm type (seeds/animals) The only things you can use to buy things at the trading post are: Gold pfenig, silver pfenig, polished gemstones You can build one Placer mine for every 20 adults in your community (you can staff it fully with two workers) You can't build any other sources for gold or silver ore or pfenig You can't staff a Mayor's office (so you can't get silver pfenig that way) Recommended: Use "1 year is 1 year" mod Optional: Schools have to be maintained from year 10 forward that have space and staff for every student That's basically it. These changes provide some real constraints on growth and force you to make more choices about how to grow your town. I have gotten bored with building a bunch of tailors, cranking out clothes, selling them to the outposts and basically buying one of everything. By the time I get to that stage of the game, I kind of lose interest. So far, with these rules, the game offers a different style of play and seems interesting. Let me know what you think!