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  1. Oh. Ok. I can't say I ever remember the Market having roads through it, but I also don't play with it that much either. I also didn't play with RC4. I went from RC3 to RC5.
  2. Are you perhaps thinking of the market called Central Market? I am not seeing one called Rural Market. The Central Market is the same size as the normal Market but has a different appearance, bigger radius, and bigger storage capacity. The Central Market has roads marked through it.
  3. Thank you, Ketchup! I guess those will have to be one of the items I start trading off when I get my trading post up and running. ^.^
  4. Hello! I'm am not seeing what these flowers are or what they are used for. I am having trouble finding them in the wiki. They are starting to fill up my storage space, so I'm just trying to figure out what they are used for so that I can get them moved out of my storage before I find myself with a thousand storage containers of nothing but flowers.
  5. Would like to follow up with my bridge glitch and say that I also found the same thing to happen with the old creek bridge. So, I guess it is happening to multiple, if not all, bridges.
  6. I think there might be a bit of an issue with the stone split bridge: It might be hard to tell from the picture, but they are currently walking on the bridge (and not in the water itself) before the bridge is even built. When they were dropping off the resources for the bridge, however, they were actually walking through the water to the other side. They were thankfully able to walk back over, but it was certainly just odd.
  7. Ah! I see. Ok. : )
  8. Hi! I just downloaded MegaMod RC 5 today. I chose the Golden Llama - Medium setting with a very large lush plains with water map. This is what happened when I did so: The entrance appears to be underground too, so I'm assuming that it would not be able to be entered. I also am concerned if boats and the trader would be able to navigate this. I restarted with the same settings and got a new map with the Llama on actual land this time. I'm not sure if this that big of deal, but I thought I would report it in case it is something that could be fixed. I've used the Golden Llama setting before and never had this happen before, but it could very well be something with RC 5?
  9. The herbalist will appear to be a duplicate as well. I'll try to see if I can go through and see if there are any more duplicates.
  10. Hi! So, I just downloaded RC1. I am looking in the food productions tab, and I'm a little confused by what I am seeing. There appear to be duplicates of vanilla style hunting cabin and fishing docks. The radius appears to be the same. The appearance of the building appears to be the same. It uses the same amount of building materials. What is the difference? ETA: These might come from CC? I'm seeing the duplicates show up there. Still wondering what the difference is?
  11. Agreed! CC is an entire expansion that is phenomenal and completely free! Once I started playing with it, I could never go back. I play with Mega Mod now which is CC plus a thousand other things. Although, I would recommend getting to know CC first because MM can be overwhelming otherwise. But when you get the chance, you should check it out. If you think CC is amazing, MM just might blow your mind a little. It is like a whole new game without losing the Banished feel. Just CC but then some. : )
  12. Nevermind! I found it. I was looking for the wrong name. : )
  13. Wow! That looks really cool! Definitely gives me some ideas. I never thought to decorate graveyards or pastures.
  14. @estherhb Is CC Increased Resources included in the CC download by default or is there a separate download for it somewhere?