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  1. I had that super annoying thing happen: I built a brand new animal field and after only a couple of years, maybe not even, it became infected. I'm not even joking. Brand, spanking new. That was the only field I had at the moment too. I am in the process of moving things around and building upwards. I needed a quick fix. I saw that fenceless, shelterless animal field and thought that was a perfect quick fix. Until I saw that it required wood to make. Why though? I can't really understand how a plain, fenceless, shelterless field would need wood. It doesn't make sense to me. My request would be to please remove the wood requirement. For a logical sense and for the sake of my poor sheepys. Edit to add: I found the same thing with a fenceless cemetery. It required a whole bunch of stone regardless of the fact that there is no fence.
  2. Thanks for the reply! That looks like the mod I want! I'll look into it!
  3. Do you have an aging mod you recommend? The only one I'm finding is One Year is One Year. I'm not a huge fan of some of features such as the kids become laborers at age 6 and can get married starting at age 7. Also, the mod author mentions changes to other things like hunger and what not, but don't expand on what they changed. : / Kids need to be kids. I will use it temporarily, but if there is any other one you know of, please feel free to share.
  4. Oh yikes. I did not know that. I will remove that mod then. I actually had burned myself out on Banished for awhile. I just recently started playing again recently. I can't even tell you how long I had played with CC though. I think 1.4 or 1.5 was maybe my first CC I used? That is just a shot in the dark though. I've been playing for awhile in total though. Before mods and all. *Shudders* Usually the way I first start building off my towns is build a fishing dock and then place a storage barn right next to it. I usually build everything pretty closely together. I learned a long time ago the hard way not to build things too far out from each other. I don't know what changed. Those numbers make sense, but after playing with one town up to year 8, they finally started getting surplus around year 6. Like I said, that was after building several food resources, which is unusual for me. I'm not use to it taking that long though. I play with mild climate, medium plus, flat plains. I haven't added any mods. I only got rid of one mod, and it was a mod that caused animals to reproduce faster. Those are pretty much the same mods I've played with with the exception of Mega Mod.
  5. I haven't gotten that far yet. Whenever the laborers pick up the food and move to the storage barn, they immediately pick it back up out of the barn and put it into the boarding house. I only have the one storage barn right now. Not that much. Lol! But it feels like a lot more than I have used in the past. I can't give you an exact number at the moment since I'm in game. Is Banished Plus really obsolete? I didn't even know CC added more features other than new buildings and new features to old buildings. 0.o Does CC integrate every feature from Plus? There are currently only 25. The five starting families with the two parents and three kids for each set of parents. Just wanted to add, they seemed to have slowed down on the food hoarding for the time being. Although it took so many food resources to do it. More than usual for me. It took the fishing dock with 4 workers making on average 800 units of food, the oyster/seaweed/muscle gathering place (forgot what it is called), 1 field of broccoli, 1 field of plums, and the food gatherer. Usually the fishing dock with only 2 or 3 workers and within the first couple of years I can have a surplus of 1500 units or more of fish. That doesn't even include what is produced with the crop and orchard fields. Usually by year 5, I would have around 5000 units or more of surplus food. I am currently on year 4 and my surplus is usually only hitting 1500 units. And they are still trying to hoard food it seems. It will easily drop down to 800 or 900 units because they will restock the boarding house. Even though they will still have tons of food. This just is a little bizarre for me. Since I'm finally getting some surplus, I can at least start planning my expansion. I will just have to be careful about it and wait to put more workers in food producing jobs. I'm not sure what changed and why if the boarding houses weren't touched.
  6. Hello! I have just started using MegaMod 0.07 a few days ago. I have been using CC mods for as long as I've been modding Banished, and I absolutely love them! The MegaMod was just like a triple stuffed brownie that is stuffed with more brownie for me. Although, I think I might have a problem with the boarding houses. I use the tactic of building the boarding house for all my people to live in first. Once I have a nice stockpile of extra food, that is when I slowly start building up their houses. The only problem is any and all food that gets produced goes straight into the boarding house. They have tons, and I mean TONS, of food just sitting in their boarding house. I'm afraid to build any individual houses because I feel like if I do, the people that move in will starve because all the food is being hoarded into the boarding house. I guess my question is, what is the limit of food that must be hit before they stop restocking the boarding house? Was it changed with this mod? I've never had this problem before. This mod is the only mod that I've downloaded that was new to my list. Here is a list of my mods in exact order: Extra Leather Time is Money (Alternative_ Increased Resources Combined Busy Laborers SuperMarket MegaMod DecoPack 0.07 MegaMod 0.07 Banished Plus Is anyone else having this issue? Is this a glitch? I can't really expand with not being able to build more houses. : (