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  1. The herbalist will appear to be a duplicate as well. I'll try to see if I can go through and see if there are any more duplicates.
  2. Hi! So, I just downloaded RC1. I am looking in the food productions tab, and I'm a little confused by what I am seeing. There appear to be duplicates of vanilla style hunting cabin and fishing docks. The radius appears to be the same. The appearance of the building appears to be the same. It uses the same amount of building materials. What is the difference? ETA: These might come from CC? I'm seeing the duplicates show up there. Still wondering what the difference is?
  3. Agreed! CC is an entire expansion that is phenomenal and completely free! Once I started playing with it, I could never go back. I play with Mega Mod now which is CC plus a thousand other things. Although, I would recommend getting to know CC first because MM can be overwhelming otherwise. But when you get the chance, you should check it out. If you think CC is amazing, MM just might blow your mind a little. It is like a whole new game without losing the Banished feel. Just CC but then some. : )
  4. Nevermind! I found it. I was looking for the wrong name. : )
  5. Wow! That looks really cool! Definitely gives me some ideas. I never thought to decorate graveyards or pastures.
  6. @estherhb Is CC Increased Resources included in the CC download by default or is there a separate download for it somewhere?
  7. I use the CC Very Mild. I don't believe I've ever had it happen with any other food. I find it odd too, but I am not complaining at all. Lol!
  8. Well, that just further complicates things. Lol! I guess I will have to stick with the ghost fence after all. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Nice! Thanks for all the help! It is much appreciated!
  10. Ok. One last question. If I were to build the fences, the real fences not the ghost fences, one block away from the field instead of directly next to the field, would that still work? I'm not terribly wild about the idea of my bannies just walking through what should be a solid item. I mean, I can get use to it if I have to, but if I can use the regular fences and still let it function properly, that would be koolio. : )
  11. Thanks for the help! Thanks for the help from everyone! I appreciate you all taking the time to help silly ole me. I have to be so precise with neatness that it came back to bite me. Gah! Oh well. I look into those ghost fences. : )
  12. Really? I never knew that. Yes, I always build fences directly around the farms. Honestly, thinking back now... The farms worked perfectly... Up until I built the fence! I will have to look into redoing how I build my farms I suppose and see what happens. The AI of this game sometimes... I swear....
  13. Ok, reporting back again: I tried the trick again. No luck this time. I turned off the work and reduced the workers. Waited briefly for the farmers to become reassigned. Turned it back on and increased the farmer number. They are still just idling or doing labor work. I don't know what to do at this point. I've never had it this bad before. I did replace the field and nothing. If this is a vanilla bug, I might just have to stop playing Banished all together. This is terrible. Just terrible. My food stocks are starting to dip as more and more people have kids. Even with the surplus. I'll just remove the redundant mods I suppose and try again with a new save. I'll report back with something later. Hopefully good news this time. ETA: I have removed everything but Proper Time, Time is Money (Alternative), and MegaMod. Lets keep our fingers crossed. I feel like none of those mods should have affected the farming, but I suppose weirder things have happened in modding.
  14. Oh, I have more than enough surplus. I currently have a population of about 50. My plums produce 1300+ each season. (I'm not sure if it is a glitch or not but my plums grow year round. So I get about 2 harvests each year.) My cows produce 1200+ beef each season. My fishing docks produces 900+ each season. My squash, when properly harvested, produces 1200+ each Autumn season. I am currently sitting around 14000 or 15000 surplus. Hmmm. I haven't had a crash yet, so that is interesting to hear. I'll have to keep any eye out for that. I haven't had any issues thus far with any of the other mods. They seem to work as intended. But I will be sure to keep a look out for any issues that arise.