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  1. Oh. Ok. Thanks, Ketchup! ^.^
  2. Hi! I am once again using RedKetchup's Forest Center (Love it!), but I have just noticed something that I didn't notice before and now I have a question about the radius of the districts. The center itself has a radius. I noticed when I went to set down the districts themselves, they also had a radius, which are much larger than the center radius itself. When I click on the districts though, their radius no longer appears. A radius only appears when I select the center itself. Do the districts use their own radius or do they use the center's radius? Normally this wouldn't be that big of a deal for me. I would just shrug it off and let whatever happens, happen. In this case though, I have the center set up between a lake and a small stream. Their area is extremely limited if I don't build bridges across the small stream. I have built multiple bridges so that they can get to different areas faster. I have built these bridges according to the center's radius. I need to know if I need to build bridges further up the stream since the districts' individual radius was bigger and reached farther up the stream. : ) ETA: Well, ok. I'm losing my mind. The districts radius looked bigger last night, but after going back in game, the radius is the same size as the center. Lol! I guess this question is moot then.
  3. Thanks! I didn't even realize there was another model. : )
  4. I would also like to report that the textures for the Inn and Garden are really messed up.
  5. I can't seem to find the hardwood forester in the overall toolbar. I can only find it under the creator categorized toolbar. MM version 8.01 ETA: I found the hardwood forester on the overall toolbar, but it is categorized under raw materials production inside of under forester like it is in the creator categorized toolbar.
  6. That seems like a good idea. Clothes are another thing that just get brushed under the rug for a while since it isn't 100% necessary for everyday survival. At least in the game it isn't. Oh yeah. I can't stand not being able to build perfectly aligned to the water. I just can't build a town at an angle. It just doesn't work for me. Wool animals are definitely a must for me. If I don't start with animals, the first animals I look for are wool animals. I got lucky with the game I'm playing now because I didn't have to wait too long for sheep to appear once I set up a trading post.
  7. Oh, yes. I know this. I just prefer the boarding house for some reason. Really? I wish I had known this before because my current game is using the Appalachian Forest. I will have to try and remember this for next time! Thanks for that tip! The only reason why it has made it harder for me is because of the One Year aging mod I use. So, it isn't just a couple of years. But maybe if I follow the tip above, maybe that could change that for my next game. I will just have to wait and see. : )
  8. Great! Thanks! ^.^
  9. I noticed that MM got updated to 8.01. I just have to ask, is it safe to install and use with previous games? I have never actually installed an updated version of MM where I played with a previous save game. I've always just started over. But I have a really good game going and I would hate to mess it up. So, I just need to ask before I do anything since I don't really know how it actually works. : )
  10. That is such a great idea with the terraform and debug. I've never thought to do that. One of the issues that I have run into is that the vanilla valley option is too much for me. I've tried playing with the completely flat maps and just played with smaller sized maps. That just didn't cut it for me. The small map felt too small and the medium map felt slightly too big. The only map I could find that was a good in between these two extremes was the Flat Plains map that comes with CC. It has the flat lands I'm looking for and the scattered "large enough to fit mines" hills. I have kind of wanted something in between that include a little bit more hilly areas. I might just have to play around with that idea and see if I can get something I like. I will also try the idea of writing down map seeds. I like to change up the scenery when I start a new map, but I play off-and-on so often I will probably forget what the maps even look like! It works out I suppose. : ) I use to be able to play with the easy or medium+ starts. The only problem I have is that every single bannie is used up in other areas first, so the animals just became too much of a "chore" to deal with. Once I have everyone settled and have one of the kids age up, I just build a hunting blind and that gets me a sufficient amount of meat. Also, I have found that having one field crop and one orchard crop has hindered my progress. By having two field crops, I can get off the ground much faster since I don't have to wait around for the trees to grow. I will just use the orchard crop whenever I can get around to it. In my current game, I am on year 20 and am just now getting around to wanting/needing it. The kind of crops haven't really mattered to me yet. Of course my play style is constantly changing so that could very well change one day. I have been wanting to play around with the dock set. I just haven't gotten around to it. My current map has two lakes nearby, and I've almost expanded enough to be able to use the first one. I'm looking forward to that because that lake is huge, and just on the other side is another hill big enough for a mine. I will be able to expand beyond the lake without having to worry about were I'm going to get a sufficient amount of iron. Since I like playing with the CC Flat Plain map, there are little hills just big enough to fit a mine scattered around the map. Sometimes they are too close to each other and sometimes they are too far from each other. I think with the current map I'm playing, the hills are spread out just right. Oh, I hate the bare tree thing too. Mostly because it is just an eye sore to look at. I play with a mod that increases the amount of resources that bannies can get from trees, rocks, and iron deposits, so I can usually get by if I for some reaons play with a map that has less trees. Although the main reason I started playing with that kind of mod is because of realism. I mean, you cut down an entire tree and only get one log? What a waste! It also makes the lack of iron and stone a little bit bearable too. Although my current map seems to not have enough stone even with this mod. Lol! I find myself constantly going, "Where is all my stone?!?!?" I have a quarry with one person working. Lol! It is pretty slow going. You are brave for doing that to your people. If I tried that, I would probably break out into a stress induced coma from it. Lol! It is so interesting reading how people play their game. I always try to work out in my head how I would I be able to play that way and I can just never seem to get it work. At least in my head. Maybe in the actual game things would go differently. My order is: -Build a fishing dock and employ two people -If the storage barn is too far away, I will build a new one and tear down the old one. -Build a bigger stockpile somewhere nearby -Build a boarding house -Build two crop fields; These usually don't get used until the following spring though. -Build a lumberyard for more fuel and lumber -Build a blacksmith After that, I usually start planning out the market area. As of lately, I haven't even bothered building everything out in an organized way. I just kind of build it all together. This is mainly because pretty much everything moves around because I build everything surrounding the market area. Interesting. I could never build the school so early. That would spell the death of my town before I could ever get it off the ground. I learned early on, even before mods, that building the school too early is really bad. At least for me. I love the winter time too with all the farmers. I always seem to lack laborers, so winter is definitely the time to get stuff done!
  11. I'm just kind of asking out of curiosity. I have been wondering if I am alone in this or if everyone needs a specific start in order to even play? By specific start, I mean there are certain conditions that the map seed needs to provide in order that play that seed. For instance, here are some examples of what I look for: -Must start along the river bank (This is because the first food source I always build is the fishing dock.) -Needs to have a minimum of 8 kids already present; 10+ is preferable but I will do 8 or 9 if all other conditions are right -Among the kids, 2-3 need to be at least 8 or 9 years old (This is mainly because I play with a mod that causes the bannies to age only one year in one year's time instead of the default aging time.) -The starting area cannot be surrounded by too many water sources or mountainous areas; I need a bit of open area to comfortably expand on. That is just to name a few. If I don't feel comfortable with the seed, I go right back to finding a new one. If I have doubts on whether or not I will like the seed, I start trying to plan things out. For example, where my market is going to go and where my farming area is going to be set up. If I can't comfortably fit things how I want them, then I don't use that map. It can sometimes take me anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to find the perfect map.
  12. Oh. Ok. I can't say I ever remember the Market having roads through it, but I also don't play with it that much either. I also didn't play with RC4. I went from RC3 to RC5.
  13. Are you perhaps thinking of the market called Central Market? I am not seeing one called Rural Market. The Central Market is the same size as the normal Market but has a different appearance, bigger radius, and bigger storage capacity. The Central Market has roads marked through it.
  14. Thank you, Ketchup! I guess those will have to be one of the items I start trading off when I get my trading post up and running. ^.^
  15. Hello! I'm am not seeing what these flowers are or what they are used for. I am having trouble finding them in the wiki. They are starting to fill up my storage space, so I'm just trying to figure out what they are used for so that I can get them moved out of my storage before I find myself with a thousand storage containers of nothing but flowers.