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  1. I also like that mod. @Kralyerg has to get permission (and the raw files) from any modder that contributes to MM. Also, I believe there is a limit on file sizes for mods (which is why MM Deco split off). So I hope that mod is included in the (eventual) next version of MM, but cannot say for certain that it will be.
  2. Unfortunately, we don't have shoes. We have clothes for the tailors to make, but citizens don't wear shoes.
  3. I don't think new code such as would be needed for this suggestion can be added to the game, even in the Beta.
  4. Moved this to Support because it is more of an issue than a suggestion.
  5. I don't believe that is possible, but there are harvesting mods that have the laborers pick up the harvested crops (depending on the version of the game one uses).
  6. The old models of some buildings are available, but I think not all are the same size as the new one. I think the chandlery is, so it could potentially be added as an F-Variant to the new one. For f-variants, I'm pretty sure they have to have the same size footprint (this is also true of upgrades).
  7. This would be time consuming, to put together all the new models (and generate all the required files to make them work). But I would really love more buildings in the Docks set!
  8. I don't know if that code can be touched with the Beta, but I don't think it is possible a second auto-trading trigger.
  9. The Market Carts are really useful for supplying the necessary components for a lot of the later-game products. Or if I really need that one thing on the other side of the map. *grin*
  10. I don't believe this is possible, though I am not entirely sure I know everything the Beta has added.
  11. I believe so, but I don't play without CC, and thus have never made sure of this.
  12. It would certainly be ideal (for me) to be able to have a main toolbar with everything sorted by function, and a secondary toolbar with everything sorted by set (with by modder being close enough). Most times I just want to build a house, and would like to have all the houses available to compare. But sometimes I want to have a neighborhood that matches, and it would be great if I could find just the NMT set, or just the Docks set, ect. And, being selfish, I want both options (also I would like them now please *wink*). But who knows if the game would allow for something like that (and how expensive it would be, even if it does)? Pipe dreams aside, the only thing I am sure of is that whichever option you end up going with a number of people will probably be unhappy. Also that I'll be confused for a few hours until I get used to the new menu, and it will take me a good week to find everything again. *smile* Both menu set ups have their benefits, so I don't really mind if it has to be one or the other.
  13. There are a few decorations having to do with laundry, and I think NMT has a building for washing clothes. But unfortunately, the only way to put the nomads to work is to welcome them into your town as citizens first. *sigh*
  14. Yes. Thank you @estherhb! You're awesome!
  15. That is SO cool!
  16. Gathering wild bugs is a pretty cool idea as well. I don't know if there is a practical limit on how many foods the trees can spawn.
  17. I think you've really done a great job combining all those mods into one cohesive toolbar! Though I agree the roads could do with a little rearranging. *grin*
  18. As this is a suggestion. I moved it to Suggestions. *grin* Unfortunately, some of what you've suggested isn't possible with the modding toolkit as it exists for Banished. Many of the game's assets can't be touched, so adding brand new things can be quite difficult or downright impossible. I use Ridiculous Storage as well, for the exact reason you've run into (also I am a Cheater). Specialized storage buildings and stockpiles can also help a lot, to keep citizens putting things where they are supposed to go. My citizens are pretty stubborn still, and I'm always finding goods really far from the buildings that make or use them. Silly little guys. *smile*
  19. Indeed, the site works fine on my new phone.
  20. Must... Do... More... Christmas... Shopping...

    1. rejectedegg


      I will give you a Like ... even though I don't Celebrate nor Shop for Christmas anymore since my son's death in 2010  

  21. Gotcha. I think as long as the basement matches the barn it goes "under" it should work together. Was the original built into the side of a hill? Or how did they convince the cows to go down there? *grin*
  22. Actual pasture animals can only be kept in pastures. The game is very insistent upon that. The Stable produces a Domesticated Animal resource that can be used to make a dairy barn building. I assume a basement/cellar building could require these, but couldn't really show them well if built. *grin*
  23. You want really expensive trade items so that you can get rid of excess inventory? Interesting. *smile* I suppose you could buy up everything a trader has. Might just swap a bunch of one item for a bunch of other ones. You could also set limits lower, but that only goes so far when you need a bunch of one type of thing but have a lot of something else in the same category. I try to turn off buildings that make things I'm not currently using. When I remember to. *grin*
  24. Sleep is for the weak. I'm going to bed. *wink*