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  1. Are you making specific stock piles for everything and not a general stock pile? Only thing I can think of is you have made an iron stock pile when it is actually iron ore you collect, so it wouldn't have anywhere to be stored and counted.
  2. Good advice, thanks, I already do a couple of those things but will go charcoal for sure. I was venting because it was super frustrating after a day building the town. I loaded an older save and made a homeless shelter and destroyed a lot of houses and have managed to get it back on track. Maybe it was just a really bad run and it took me by surprise.
  3. This must have changed in either the beta or 1.75 because coming from base game then the previous colonial charter I have never had a problem with firewood, ever, in 350 hours play time. I could make enough to trade on top of my needs. It is now unplayable, I had my entire town trying to produce enough fuel for homes, which takes all your wood at an alarming rate, and this obviously has a spiralling knock on effect to everything. Game over. Not fun. Why ? What was altered? What was the thinking behind it? The only other explanation I can think of is the homes made with lumber described as having the same warmth as stone don't actually provide that.
  4. No other mods. Using base game blacksmith.
  5. I noticed my villagers all had steel tools when I had only crafted rough tools. This was before a trading dock so hadn't bought them and forgotten. I was told on the steam forums it was likely a bug and I need the latest version from here. So, a clean install, deleted saves etc, joined the beta 1.07, and CC 1.75. Same thing has happened again. It kills the enthusiasm to play when the challenge is removed. Anyone else have this or can tell me what is going on? Also, I would like to know if the text is bugged and they have rough tools or they actually have steel. Thank you. edit: My blacksmith made 46 tools in previous season which were used by about 22 adults, so using 2 a year. Does that sound like steel tools or has rough tools got the correct id and wrong naming? Also, my town inventory doesn't list steel tools and storage shows rough tools indicating I have never owned any. The problem seems to be when they take a tool.