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  1. I decided to try out an idea I had and this is the result.
  2. I was working on trying to make a nice looking native village to go near my colony, so I made a small test. I really like how it looked in winter so I took a screenshot. Also got one in spring for good measure.
  3. I've been messing around with different terrain setting, but I'm liking the verdant plains. I like the color of the grass and the mostly flat terrain. The fields are all around 110-120 tiles so they only require one worker each; I think I have 16 farmers and 5 herdsmen currently. I'm still trying to get a stable production going in the settlement, I seem to always be short of some material. I need to work on it some more to get it balanced.
  4. From the album Edenburg

  5. From the album Edenburg

  6. From the album Edenburg

  7. From the album Edenburg

  8. Ah yes, that's why. Peppers stop growing if it is over 90 and the climate I was using got up to 110. That's probably why they wouldn't grow during the summer but would be alright in the winter. Thanks all!
  9. I'm running CC and the MegaMod on the no snow climate. I have a farmer set to work a field that is 8x13. They are growing peppers. The only problem is that the peppers won't grow before the automatic harvest once early autumn hits. I tested it out, having the farmer work the field and then stop work once early autumn comes. The peppers don't even hit 90% yield until it's late winter. Obviously since there is no snow, the crops can grow through the winter and I can just wait until they reach 100% yield. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug or what? I don't really want to manually stop work every year to make sure that the crops come all the way in. Oh, I should also say that the farmer is educated and using rough iron tools if that means anything.