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  1. Thanks @QueryEverything I will be sure to post it here then. I think I will stick around this community and maybe get to know you all a bit better :-) Thanks again. You have all been a great help :-) Endo-Chick <3
  2. @QueryEverything Thank you, bud! :-) Unfortunately, I have crappy health and it's just taken a turn for the worst so yeah it sucks. I am indeed British, well guessed! I come bearing good news anyway! Thanks to the Crash dump file @joxer316 supplied, I did get a little bit of a light bulb moment. I did say in my reply last night that I have asked my mum to play on my profile on the laptop to see if it is a permissions issue, Today she told me that the mod works fine and there are no issues with the game crashing on my profile. So maybe it's either the being able to write to an area that's not allowed access or something else. But this seems to have fixed it. My mum isn't too great with computers so the next time I have a chance to go to her house and see her I will do some work on permissions to her account and see if I can solve the issue and let you all know if I can find the area where the issue is occurring. Thank you all so much for all your help, This is an amazing community and an amazing Mod, I can't believe I've never played it before. Let me know where I can leave the solution to this when I find it and I will make sure to make it available to anyone else who experiences it. Thanks Endo-Chick :-)
  3. Hey everyone, sorry I haven't replied for a while. I have been really ill and so not been able to see my mum. Thanks for all your comments, I am still working through the suggestions at the minute. Thank you @joxer316 for this crash dump! Don't know what it means but it did give me an Idea. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to try it yet but My mum uses her own account on my Laptop. I'm Wondering if it's having problems because she is using a second account and not the primary one. I have asked her to log into my account on the laptop and see if the crash happens there too but she hasn't replied yet. Yes, she is using Win10, I will have a look and make sure the folder is not a read-only folder. Thanks for this Tip! Thanks! Yes, we tried both ways with the mod disabled and with it completely uninstalled and the game still crashes. In order for it to not crash I need to completely delete the game from steam and reinstall it. I didn't delete the saves in the document folder though, I just thought steam would do that anyway. I did make a backup of her saves and placed them back into the saves folder once the game had reinstalled (I didn't delete the autosave one). Thinking about it, the save folder was empty when I placed her saves back into the folder. I didn't check the Banished/Windata folder for any .pkm or .sub files as I don't know whats what in it so I just left things be. I can tell you now that she never got to a point in the game to make a Town Hall or nomad attractor, I'm not sure but she may have had a trading post. She was very early into the game when it started happening. I will be talking to her over the next couple of days hopefully so I will let you know soon the things we have tried and if anything worked. Thanks again for all your help! It has been very much appreciated. Endo-Chick
  4. Thanks for the quick response! @Necora The only Mod installed is the Colonial Charter Journey 1.71 and for Banished she is using the most up to date version on steam, she's not entered into any Beta's. I think your right, it is kind of like a first game start up box. Now the crash is very random! It can occur when just sitting in the game with it running and not clicking on anything. It can occur in the game Menu, it can occur when loading a game. I did initially think it was maybe due to the game auto-saving, but I turned that off and it didn't seem to help. I even tried saving it manually several times to see if that would make it crash but it wouldn't. It's is completely bizarre! Thanks Endo-Chick
  5. Hi, I am pretty new to this mod and am currently really enjoying it. I have also installed it on my laptop for my mum to play but she keeps experiencing an error which I can't seem to find a fix for. The error - "A fatal Access Violation has occurred in Application-steam-x64.exe and the game cannot continue." It saves a crash dump to the banished folder but when I open it with notepad++, it just shows a load of weird symbols that doesn't make any sense. I have found similar errors around the net but nothing that says exactly what she has been experiencing. I have tried the following to fix the issue but so far nothing has worked. Change the Regedit VideoInterface to 0 Uninstalled and reinstalled the mod and the game several times. Forced the game to load in DirectX9 Played the game without any internet and disabled anti-virus. - This one worked for a bit longer than other times and a colleague of mine said this fixed it for him. Loaded game without Steam I have one more thing I haven't tried yet. Sometimes when she launches the game through steam or just via the .exe she has another launch window that sometime's opened. It doesn't seem to have a pattern as to when it will show up. I have read that this could also cause a problem and to turn it off but unfortunately, it's not something I can test. On this window, she can select whether to run the game in DX9 or 11 and a few other things. Even with the mod completely uninstalled the game still crashes. I have made a backup of her saves just in case of needing to do another re-install but if anyone could help me with this issue, I would be very grateful. The game ran perfectly fine for months before this occurred. Laptop Specs: HP Envy I7-4710MQ CPU @2.5GHz NVidia Geforce GTX 840M with Intel HD4600 integrated graphics 12GB RAM Thanks, Endo-Chick crash.dmp