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  1. oh, and jellies. yeah, i've never planted 'em
  2. thanks, ketchup
  3. thank you for the link, but I still can't find the houses(?) in the european village pic. am I missing something obvious?
  4. i know they don't go well together, but does anyone know of a mod that adds additional grains like rice to the medieval/canal set mills? seriously crampin my medieval water city's style
  5. letowneyville
  6. irl you make pies out of it?
  7. whaaat. i don't recognize all the mods in this- is it possible to get a list? it's gorgeous
  8. one thing i've wondered about is if there's a way to make aura/radius of effect buildings consume resources. like a church need candles to function, a library needing book, etc. i don't know the emchanics of how happiness works, tho, so. .shrug.
  9. About the only building material I kinda miss not being there is glass. So yeah, I could see maybe some of the bigger buildings needing more stuff (thinking of cathedrals) but keeping basic houses and whatnot to simpler recipes
  10. <3 thank you!
  11. Ok, I swear I used to have a building that 'sorted' plain Fish into various kinds of specific fish (like idk cod, herring, whatever) but now I can't find it. Does anyone know what building/mod this is from? I am stumped, and have been over the build menus w a fine tooth combed.
  12. it'd be nice if the tool tips or dropdown menus ingame showed this, a lot of the time i don't know how many resources are being consumed or produced
  13. holy crap, that's good to know
  14. yes, i figured that out the hard way... had to start a new map. d'oh!
  15. doesn't always work. think it had to do w how far i was building my initial buildings from the start area, the roads just had too high of a proximity preference maybe.