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  1. Good... well, morning now I guess. Thanks again for all the suggestions. While I haven't managed to fix everything, I've been able to correct the most irritating dot issues. For anyone who may be having the same issues, here's what I did and what is still an issue: - Reordered cc and megamods as suggested - Opted out of 1.07 beta so I'm running the regular updated version of Banished now - Double checked to make sure I was using the current version of Colonial Charter:Journey. - Deleted rsc & sub files (I had no idea these weren't required!) - Deleted SeasonsFX since I've not used it in a while - Checked mods for duplicates. Found that I had two versions of EB Loghouses - disabled older version - fixed issue! -------- Now here's what's still going on: - EB town services - still have a dot but clicking it brings up the above-ground irrigation canals instead of more dots, so good enough - Still have dots on Decorations --> DS fences --> 3rd town stone wall option. I think this may be a megamod deco issue, since DS Fences & Decorations is included in the deco mod. I'm not sure what I have installed that would interfere with one of the stone walls and not the other two in the same set. - There is still have a dot in transparent stockpiles between iron & materials. Not a big issue since I don't usually use material-specific stockpiles, just moderately irritating. -------- Thanks again for the help! Now... to finish fencing in those critters...
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I should have some time tomorrow evening to play with the mod orders and see if I can get it to work. I had some crashing issues before this game that ended up being caused by mods which I installed but were part of the megamod already (oops). At least it's not crashing anymore! I'll report back ...
  3. Hi there, I've tried to find something about this online and haven't had any luck, so I'm hoping someone here can help. I keep running into an issue where I am missing icons in toolbars. Instead of an icon, there's a little gray square. When I click on the square, my game sometimes crashes. I just tried again and the icon worked, even though there's nothing to show what it's supposed to do. This has happened with previous versions but it hasn't bothered me enough to look for help until now. I'm currently running 1.07 beta, with CC:J, megamod (main and deco) and the megamod compatibility patch. I've also got a... few... other mods, most of which are additional buildings, fences, and decoration. I've attached screenshots of some of the toolbars, along with a screenshot listing my mods. The game is stable, it's just missing icons. Any ideas? Thank you!
  4. Guess I should say hi, since I just made my profile. Long time lurker here as well, on the old site and on a couple of other Banished sites. I've played city builders since the original SimCity, and I was thrilled when Banished came out. It was a completely different experience, and I was sucked in immediately. I started playing CC on, I think, the New Frontier? Possibly the version before that. Every time a new version comes out, I get giddy and my husband doesn't see me for a few days. Thanks to all the modders for everything you do to bring added enjoyment to the game!
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