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  1. here's some I'm working on.. not done yet of course...
  2. Damn, I was afraid you were going to say that!
  3. I bought it on sale at Steam and the graphics are great, I played it for awhile, but the game is just too hard to be any fun. I haven't played it since... I'm hoping more modding comes to it.
  4. To whoever created the groundcover addition in the flower & plant section, I would just like to say THANK YOU!!! I just love this little addition. It looks so cool in pastures and also cemeteries, and it just comes in so handy for so many things. You mod people are awesome!
  5. I know there are different starting conditions, but what I'm asking is, is it possible to change the climate in a saved game? and yes, I should have done that in the beginning, but I didn't...
  6. I have such a great village going, but I'm so tired of the snow. My favorite part is decorating and it's so hard to see anything with snow. Is there a mod to get rid of snow? I've turned off the snow coming down part, but when it snows, everything is still all covered in white. (probably stupid question) but, is there anyway to change the climate in a saved game to not have snow at all?
  7. You could also just get a bigger 2nd hard drive, that would be easier (for me anyway )
  8. Just as khemari and I both figured out, you can very easily move your documents folder to the second hard drive. Works like a charm. I hope it works for you! Of course if not enough RAM is the problem, then that's another thing to tackle...
  9. I did not see your post khemari, but guess what? I just figured this out for myself Color me stupid. I did not know I could just move the documents folder to another drive, but now I do! Solution to problem was so simple! And you're right, it does start up faster and I found out on Windows 10 in settings, storage, you can tell windows where to save each folder, which was a handy thing I overlooked...
  10. well crap, I wish I knew what he did differently! It also would be good to put the info into the FAQ's in this forum.. with all the people buying computers now with 2 drives, I wasn't the only one trying to google this and find an answer...
  11. yes, I did ask there and I got no help. Apparently it's not a steam thing anyway, it's up to the game on where it wants to store games. And this is a brand new computer and so I did find the instructions to install steam on my D drive, which I did, but banished still wants the saves on the C drive... thanks though...
  12. That's a shame....
  13. So, someone on Reddit was kind enough to help me figure out how to use an mlink so that now my game can see and open my previous saves, but this does not take care of the problem of saved games taking up room on my C drive. Tons of people these days are buying computers with 2 drives now, C being the one that has windows on it and usually not a very large drive, so is there any way to create a mod for the game that will ask you where you want to store your saved games? It seems like this would be a great addition. And had I known any of this, I would have bought a larger C drive...
  14. So, I just bought a new computer that has 2 drives. The C drive has windows and is 128Gb, the D drive is a terabyte. I figured out how to install Steam to my D drive, which all went fine, but it is keeping my saves on my C drive in my documents folder. I can't find anyway to change where it will save games. I have some large Banished saves and don't want them on my C drive. Has anyone else ran into this and found a solution? Steam is useless for help! And wow does Banished play way better now on my new computer! thanks in advance!
  15. Thank you! I came across that mod and wondered if this is what was used. Didn't download it though cause it only 63 downloads which made me wonder... But this works with the newest CC Journey, right? It looks awesome, I will give it a try.