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  1. Sorry for the late reply! thanks For this, I think I used just the stuff from CC, Mega Mod, and the Mega Mod deco pack. I like using ds roads from the aforementioned modpacks because they seem to have that gritty-type feel I like in my towns. My memory is admittedly awful but I also think I used the Cold Mountain terrain available from Colonial charter. Since this, I've been working on a new town with new mods. It's also named "Houndtown"
  2. The village of Beagleville was unfortunately destroyed by marauding wild tigers (and a rumored walrus). The two lone survivors Adam and Eve Hound escaped by jumping on an Industry Supplier's passing boat and sailed upriver, spending many weeks on deck, grieving over their lost neighbors and lost reserves of fancy homewares . After giving the trader their last bucket of sand, they were forced to leave ship. Only with the clothes on their backs and 150 apples the Hounds started anew. Being a prideful sort, Adam Hound named the new settlement Houndtown. Eve Hound frets over the cumbersome size of the stockpile but with four children, one of them still 0 years old, she has more pressing matters on her mind as of late.
  3. The town of Beagleville's Humble beginnings...
  4. Hi all, I'm Lisa, from PA, United States. I've loved city building games since playing the original SimCity on my family's now-ancient Amiga computer. I love the textures of the Cold Valley map so I usually will play on that map. The work put into these mods on this site are truly phenomenal. You've turned a game I'd probably spend 30 hours on tops into a game I've been spending (insert embarrassing amount of time here). So thanks so much It'd be cool if you could make a ghosted Beagle dog decoration: they'd fit well into my town Beagleville. But anyways, thanks again for the hard work-- it truly is appreciated!! Lisa.