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  1. The reason this mod turned out to be about the colonial era is because it just fit the vanilla game so perfectly. I can't say I was that interested in the North American colonial era before I got on board with this mod, but after researching a lot of buildings, I fell in love with the architecture and style, particularily the earlier colonial era (the frontier). I'm a history buff so I don't really have a favorite historical setting. Being swedish, of course I am fond of vikings, but also high and late medieval stuff. But since so many strategy games/city builders already take place in a medieval setting, I am glad that this mod chose the colonial setting. The colonial setting is what I've had in mind since I bought the game anyway, the style was already there. Antiquity is a pretty interesting period, with Greeks and Macedonians and Persians and then the Romans and Carthaginians. Wouldn't mind if we would go on to do an ancient Greek mod at some point, even if that might already be a done subject (in stragety war games, at least. Age of Empires being a childhood memory.) I also like the time around late 1800-early 1900, but that has more to do with fashion and technology rather than architecture. And since Banished is a game where we build a heck of a lot, the architecture has to be interesting. I think something that would be interesting to do in the future, and to keep it with the Colonial Charter theme, is to look at colonies elsewhere than the Americas. How about African colonies? European colonists in Asia? The contrast between native architecture and western architecture? I'm not that interested the orient to be honest, except of course, after western influences and industrialisation. Which I am guessing is not what people like to think about when they think of the beautiful and mystic east. Another frontier I am interested in is also the outer frontier... you know... out in space. And I don't mean it in a sci-fi kind of way. Or well, yeah, it has to be sci-fi because we haven't landed people on planets yet. But I'm talking about a mod based on concepts and plans of NASA and other space agencies. How would a Mars colony actually look like? How would it survive 50 million miles away from Earth? I am actually drafting a concept of a potential mod like this. We'll see if it ever gets further than just the drawing board.
  2. How is that contest entry coming along, Vaypah?
  3. Yeah, just buildings that don't produce stuff or require workers. People just like to hang around them in their spare time to feel good, and you mostly use them to decorate your town, and give the town a sense of, you know, having culture. Though I don't think you will find any "refined" culture in the "bad side of town", like operas or whatever. You could probably find speakeasies - if this was a Prohibition-era mod which is when speakeasies were common. But I get you, a shady-looking illicit booze-selling establishment. In short, a poor man's tavern. It's pretty much the first thing anyone thinks of when we are talking about a "bad side of town".
  4. We were talking about a brothel, when we were talking dock/sailor related buildings, like a year ago. I even made the 3D model for it, and called it a bawdyhouse alternatively a "bath" house. But yeah, a lot of people spoke out against the representation of or the hint to prostitution, so we scrapped it.
  5. As a lesser dev of Colonial Charter, I demand *at least* a nice comment or two...
  6. I'm all for making "bad areas" in towns Could be a seedy-looking harbour inn, some run-down housing, stuff like that. Too bad we can't actually change the socioeconomics of the game, having actual rich and poor people, divided into districts dependent on the housing and work quality, and people in poor living conditions who decide to do crime. Banished is programmed much too simple for that, modelled to be the perfect socialist utopia where money doesn't exist and everyone has a purpose (and where human greed also doesn't exist.) But at least we can create this artificially, by having certain districts *look* like they are divided into rich and poor, lawful and lawless. Too bad the mechanics can't be there.