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  1. I tinkered with storage, and with pickup/non-pickup. While having the laborers pick it up certainly cleared a field faster, the production remained at 310 (I even ran one plantation with pickup and the other without, at the same time. Commute to deposit goods is literally right next to the field, with plenty of room in those storage spaces, but doesn't matter, the cotton plantations still only produce 310 a year, each. So weird. :-\ Fortunately, my town's economy isn't built around cotton or anything, and I just picked up flax seeds for an alternate fabric as well, but I'm mystified as to the why of this. If it starts happening with some of my staple crops, I probably will have to start a new town. In the meantime I guess I'll just keep going with this one, it's 45 years in and I'm fond of it...
  2. I have only Colonial Charter: Journey and have never installed, or even DL'd, any other mods. Like I said: I've noticed no severe weather, and in any case this is a multi-year issue... I think this is year 5 or 6 of the reduced cotton (and only cotton! I have a dozen other crops growing and everything else is fine). Farmers have a short commute to the field. I have a big surplus of laborers and haven't been assigning them far-off tasks anyway. Again, this problem has persisted multiple in-game years, not just one cycle. The farmers are educated, and it's not a limits cap. The fields are wide open on all sides and not blocked. The only thing brought up so far that I haven't doublechecked is the storage-- I have some lean-to storage directly adjacent to the fields, but it might be getting overwhelmed and forcing them to a longer commute... still, I have a storage barn that's a relatively short distance, so I'd be surprised if it's a storage issue. I'll run a year through and check, though.
  3. So, I'm running Journey, having a pretty good time with my village of 150-ish people. But my cotton production has dropped and I can't figure out why. :-\ Until recently I've just had one 11x11 plantation going for cotton. Like clockwork, it's produced 868 a year, until a few years back, when it dropped to 310. There have been no infestations, no severe weather changes that I've noticed, and none of the other crops or plantations have had any dropoff. I poked around... finally noticed the farmer for that field was miserably unhappy despite high overall happiness in the town. Okay, mystery solved.... right? I swapped laborers around, made sure the new farmer was educated, had steel tools, and was at max happiness/health. Settled back assuming I'd fixed the issue. But no, another year goes by, and the harvest is still at 310. I check the farmer: everything's fine there. Mildly perplexed, I switched out a neighboring plantation's sugar cane and the cotton. The sugar cane grew fine; even in the new field, the cotton carried on at a sluggish 310. I've built a second cotton plantation and that one is also producing only 310 worth of cotton a year (despite educated, happy, excellent tools, excellent clothes farmers in both plantations). What's going on? Does production just start dropping at a certain point in the game and I've hit that point? All of my other fields, orchards, plantations, etc, are still producing steadily at the 800+ mark a year. :-\
  4. Thanks Stiles. Now I can make everything super pretty!
  5. Hey, I'm running CC 1.71 and in the Themed Sets--> Town Decorations menu, there's "Planter Bases" in several sizes/shapes. It says they're decorative bases for trees and flowers... but once I get them built, I can't place decorative trees or flowers into them (but can place decorative trees/flowers on bare soil). Am I misunderstanding what they're for? Do they grow their own trees/flowers with time?
  6. Hi folks. Posted previously to the boards because I thought the long load time of CC meant I'd broken my game. Fortunately not the case, as board posters were able to tell me. Now I'm addicted to CC like so many others here. Nice to meet you all.
  7. Good to know that it might just be the load time. Still, I don't want to wait out that load time if that's what it is. So, I'd still like to know if there's some way to disable the mod short of the actual menu in-game?
  8. Hi, Don't know if this is the place to ask this but here goes. I've been playing the base game of Banished a while (100+ hours) and finally decided to try a mod; after looking through them I settled on CC. Pretty sure it was version 1.71, but don't quote me on that. I didn't grasp I needed to start a new game file and attempted to enable it from within one of my saved game files; the game went to a completely black screen with zero graphics. Okay, fine, clearly not meant to be done from a saved game, no worries. So I closed the program, restarted, and from the start menu enabled the CC mod, intending to start a new game. The instant I set the mod to enabled, the game went to the same completely black screen. Kind of frustrating, but okay, maybe my system just can't handle CC for some reason. I uninstalled Banished and downloaded it fresh again from Steam. Started it up. Now it goes straight to the black screen on startup; I never even get the Shining Rock logo or any of the other pre-game loading screens. I never get to the menu to have the option to disable the mod. Soo.... I'd like to be able to play Banished again? How can I remove CC if I can't get to the base menu? ETA: Paeng was right, it was just a loooong load time. I let the computer run for about ten minutes and it got to the start menu alright, so I can now enable/disable as needed. Thanks for the help, no further answers needed.