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  1. Possible bug: I found that both glassworks under the crafted toolbar have the option to use coal and "industrial coal", as opposed to "furnace fuel". The result is I have to make my glass with coal and I can't use the more efficient "furnace fuel". In addition, would it be possible to put the NMT houses (the 3-level set) under the housing toolbar? Having fun with this mod so far!
  2. Hey ShockPuppet, I'm a fan Banished is only what it is because of CC. It was just a skeleton, which was fleshed out into the rich game I have now and dumped hundreds of hours in. There is NOTHING else like it. Banished may go, but I believe that the BlackLiquid team is on to something here. Make your own robust banished game, put it on Steam early access and I will buy it. Use the proceeds to develop the core game and release it. Then use the proceeds to finance the development of tons of DLC crap, and I will probably buy them too. With each new DLC release, put the core game on 30% off to attract attention. Now you are basically printing money. You want marketing guys, let me know. How old is Crusader Kings 2 now? How much more money have I spent on DLC vs the core game? Some will always complain about the DLC model but I believe Paradox has the right formula. They get a lot of my gaming budget and I'm still a happy customer. This is your chance guys, I'm pulling for you but time is always against you.