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  1. Does anyone else think that the precious mine and placer mine generate ore incredibly slowly?
  2. @QueryEverything You can purchase domesticated animals from the merchants for ~312 each (ordered) so shouldn't be too hard to set up before you get your grain/stable up and running. I guess for another economy breaking structure you could go for heaps of stack burners. They seem to provide the best time to profit ratio. Plus ordered logs are still only value 2. I guess hauling all those logs about might take some time though.
  3. Why not potatoes or parsnips? I'd put those in a tin before lettuces.
  4. Thanks. That fodder sounds like a good idea.
  5. How does red's fodder work?
  6. The pens should require some sort of input of food. Maybe grain. As you couldn't possibly feed the animals on such a tiny block of land.