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  1. Thanks @Governor for the explanation... Unfortunally the themed buildings are not the reason I like the DSSV starting conditions. I like a "Jack and Jill" start or an "Easy orchards" start and the "plains with lake" map. I tried starting a MM map, saving it and continue with CC 1.75 loaded, but that didn't work. So now I am playing 2 games: one with all the mods, and one with MM only, starting with Jack and Jill.
  2. Yes I noticed. While I have the resources list from CC 1.75, the resources are actually listed the old way (eg. furnace fuel = materials instead of industrial) Is there a way to get all the benefits from the 2 mods? (the extensive resources list from CC 1.75 and the starting conditions from MM 0.07)
  3. The Compatibility mod together witch reverse load order did the trick i think. Haven't played more than few minutes to test. I now have AND the Megamod starting conditions AND the cc 1.75 resources list load order: 1 1.0.7 compaibility 2 MM 0.07 3 MM Decopack 0.07 4 CC 1.75 5 Time is Money
  4. When I use cc 1.75 together with Megamod 0.07, I am missing the starting conditions from Megamod, the ones with [DSSV] in the name Banished 1.0.7 beta Load order: 1. CC 1.75 2. MM 0.07 3. MM Decopack 0.07 4. Time is Money