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  1. Ok, that makes sense. The pathing actually got updated some years later, so the woodcutter became more productive. Interesting point to keep in mind when expanding rapidly.
  2. Thank you for clearing this up. The other images can stay. It was just so confusing. Indeed, under "Manage Image", "Edit Details" is the only option. Seems like mere plebs are not trusted with crucial tasks, such as deleting images
  3. From the album Devilshorn

    Originally had a self sustainable city of 5k bannies and let it run overnight for 12 years with no trading at all. However, something must have happened. Not sure, whether the bennies missed my company, but the population halved, over 2.5k died
  4. After expanding the city slightly, the efficiency has been dropping sharply. Trying to figure out, why e.g. there wasn't enough firewood. The setup should be efficient: The woodcutter has everything in range. There's a food, tools, cloth market nearby. His home is near his workplace. There's a wood cart making logs available nearby and Firewood storage, to deposit the firewoods right after. Earlier in the game, such a woodcutter would produce 500-800 firewood, now he produces 50. The problem seems to be, that after producing firewood, he will carry it across the whole map, to bring it to a firewood storage there, instead of using the one right next to his workplace. Is this just problematic A.I. in banished? Just related to the ghosted Firewood storage? Normal behavior on a crowded map? Is there any way to fix this? I followed the guy the whole time, it showed he was working and he had the 24 firewood in inventory, so it wasn't a lack of food, cloth, tools, herbs, etc. that would make him search for something.
  5. Please try it out. I can reupload if necessary
  6. Maybe not the same delete option. Here's where I got stuck following the above post: 1) Gallery 2) Town Exhibitions 3) Click on an image of my "Devilshorn" gallery 4) Manage Image 5) ??? If I press delete in lower right, it removes image, but I cannot save it anymore, since an image is required. If I don't save, the deletion will be ignored. Screenshots of the above steps, for explanatory purposes
  7. Hey you all, I'm probably being extremely dumb right now, but i cannot for the life of me figure out, how to delete an album from the gallery/town exhibitions, nor even how to delete a single image from the ones I uploaded previously. It shouldn't be that difficult. Any help is appreciated greatly. Please help out a fellow to stop spamming this board with poor screenshots
  8. There seems to be some magical attraction for the PEIShoreEdibles, when it's newly built. Just take a look at all those bannies queuing up to visit it: All of the encircled bannies are visiting that new PEIShoreEdibles on the left upper corner. The line goes even further, but couldn't fit it all on one screen. They go absolutely ham You can also see, how they all run past the old PEIShoreEdibles placed further to the center. That one's already out of fashion.
  9. Suggestion: Give trading docks another auto trade option: When merchant arrives&leaves. When doing massive trades, the dock can run full, but if the dock where to auto trade when merchant arrives&leaves, there would be time for workers to move goods to empty storage space again.
  10. From the album Devilshorn

    A church sanctioned final resting place for those hardworking bannies. However, I slightly messed up proportions and orientations and can't seem to fix it.
  11. From the album Devilshorn

  12. From the album Devilshorn

  13. From the album Devilshorn

  14. From the album Devilshorn

  15. From the album Devilshorn