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  1. There seems to be some magical attraction for the PEIShoreEdibles, when it's newly built. Just take a look at all those bannies queuing up to visit it: All of the encircled bannies are visiting that new PEIShoreEdibles on the left upper corner. The line goes even further, but couldn't fit it all on one screen. They go absolutely ham You can also see, how they all run past the old PEIShoreEdibles placed further to the center. That one's already out of fashion.
  2. Suggestion: Give trading docks another auto trade option: When merchant arrives&leaves. When doing massive trades, the dock can run full, but if the dock where to auto trade when merchant arrives&leaves, there would be time for workers to move goods to empty storage space again.
  3. From the album Devilshorn

    A church sanctioned final resting place for those hardworking bannies. However, I slightly messed up proportions and orientations and can't seem to fix it.
  4. From the album Devilshorn

  5. From the album Devilshorn

  6. From the album Devilshorn

  7. From the album Devilshorn

  8. From the album Devilshorn

  9. From the album Devilshorn

  10. Test No.2: 55 hunting blinds working for a full year with nearby storage and housing. Results: Highest: 1800 duck meat Lowest: 0 duck meat + 14 feathers avg. 1115 duck meat
  11. From the album Devilshorn

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  14. From the album Devilshorn