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  1. The clerics life is full of dangers!
  2. This one? For me it's still there in MM 0.07
  3. Could anyone take a look at my current mod list? It keeps crashing every few min, even on new maps. I followed the above/below install instructions, whenever there where any, but apparently, there's either an oversight on my part, or an incompatibility. Any help is appreciated Mod List (from top to bottom): - Banished UI: Mod - Busy Pastures - Bigger Wheelbarrows for 1.0.7 - EB Natural Irrigation System - Garden Walls: Utility for 1.0.7 - I See Fire v1.0 for 1.0.7 - Kid - Alotofseeds Trader 1.4 - Kid - Broadway Tower V1.1 - Kid - House Boat V1.3 - NMT3.0Series: LittleHousing - RK Minimized Status for 1.0.7 - RK StoneWalls Kit1 for 1.0.7 - Crystal Cliffs - FastRoad75 - Forest Deep V3 - Maritimes Riffle - Maritimes Storage Collection v100 - Sherbrooke Village - Tree House V3 - Maritimes Dock Set - Maritimes PEI Shore - NS Inshore Fisheries - Better Stock Piles - Natural Diversity v1.0.1 - Increased CC - NMT3.1Series: Canal Set 1.0.7 - Blacksmith Tools - Inedible (Beef, Bison Meat, Charge, Cheval, Milk, Mutton, Pork, Venison, Rye, Wheat) (just bundled them here for convenience, they are listed in that order from top to bottom) - NMT3.0Series: Clay Chain 1.0.7 - Quiet CC - 1.0.7 Compaibility - CC: 1.75 Journey - Pine Set - MegaMod 0.07 - MegaMod DecoPack 0.07 - Cathedral - CC: Light Rain - Better Rain sound - Grass Guardian - Time Is Money (Alternative)
    Could you make eggs same as in CC? Currently, there are two eggs in the game. Still testing out other stuff, but it looks amazing ingame. Great job
  4. More like a general thing, but there seems to be some medium zoom level, where the grass disappears. From zoomed out, to zoomed in. Initially there is grass visible, it becomes less and less, then it gets more visible again. Is this intentional? @KevinTheCynic How did you get that massive amount of blueberries? Could use some food boost, as well Using Necoras Pine Set & RKs Garden Wall Utility, too. Maybe they prevent a blueberry invasion by spawning other stuff? Here are two screenies with storage and landscape 14 years into a new game. (not even 400 blueberries )
  5. Thank you so much. It's crazy. The game doesn't crash anymore with that mod order
  6. Would it be possible, to mod a forester, which plants both, trees & grass, just randomly switching between the two? The idea being, that by having a forester plant both, the landscape will look less like a farm and instead more naturally diverse.
  7. The black screen load time heavily depends on free RAM. Done some testing, monitoring load time & RAM usage. With just CC&MM, Banished starts fairly quickly and my 8GB RAM usage is about 90%. Adding some more mods, Maritimes Set, Blacksmith Tools, etc, RAM usage is near 100% and takes almost 3 times as long to load.
  8. Really nice dock set and somehow one doesn't even need to build a "connector" quay tile, like in the other dock set. Would it be possible, to separate the roofed from non-roofed docks? When building multiple docks, the game rotates between the different versions, which does look really odd. Right now, to build a same looking dock in a straight line, it's: click -> f+click->f+f+click, whereas it could just be: click->click->click.
  9. There is an alternative download link at the bottom of the very first post: or go straight there: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2nh4ixEBQ-kaEZSRFRva0hEQkk/view
  10. So I've been pondering this question, whether it would be possible to build a village on water with no land connection. Using CC, Mega Mod and Maritime Sets, food, basic clothing, lumber, herbs & fuel can be made solely on water. which should covers most of the basics. The main production buildings will be fisheries (for food), chicken breeders (for food&feathers), reed farms, rice farms & ale brewer Some Problems: Graveyard cant be imported, or rather dead bannies can't be exported, so an exception will be made. Graveyards will be built on those smaller central islands. Lumber can be made, however the building requires iron. Iron needs to be made from iron ore on land or traded. The dock workshop only makes rough tools and survival coat. Low durability! Feathers for survival coat can be produced at the chicken breeder, however, how to get the 12 required chicken early? Hunting ducks is unreliable, too The idea was to build only on water, while initially harvesting resources on land, before I could overproduce for trade with tools, reeds, rice & ale to import missing goods. However, before the dock could be finished, iron ore ran out. And with the amount of items in the game, it can take many years for the trader to deliver useful goods. Then all nearby trees were cut and the driftwood finder doesn't nearly produce enough wood to fuel a wooden village growth. And so on. With the land barren, people starving, without tools and the trader delivering year after year useless items, a change in plan was required. So until the production is further advanced on water, some supportive buildings have been built near the cost. Currently, the following buildings are on land: dense tree shack iron shack iron ore shack coal shack boarding house nomad well (needed to replace starved & frozen bannies) old castle (from Old Castle - Hard starting condition) small fuel refinery small iron smelter wild shepherd (for early goods to trade) Any feedback, comments, on how to best proceed? Are there any other mods with contains buildings that are buildable on water? And here's the currently not sustainable village Edit: Officially broke contact to all land in winter 18. Turns out the building set is designed to be almost selfsustaining. It can produce all required materials & goods to survive&expand, except for iron ore. One does need to acquire once 100 rice and 12 eggs though to get started. The only buildings on land were two graveyards on two small islands and the village was growing quite nicely, until... a disease spread. With no waterbuildable hospitals and the dense population, it spread like wildfire. Well damn, so much for this attempt:
  11. Loving the smuggler's cave so much! It is absolutely glorious! Best used right next to a bunch of taverns, to make a loop. Pirates smuggle ale, i.e. for pear, brewers make ale from pears. Brewers use 30 fruit for 10 ale, pirates use 7 ale (21 fruit) to smuggle for 65 fruit. So a loop uses 21 fruits and yields 44 fruit extra. 200% return.
  12. Suggestion: One harvest button, which will start harvesting on all farms. (for harvesting during tough winters on large maps with many farms)
  13. Somehow the dory builder only has 2 inventory, even though it requires 3 inputs
  14. Bootleggers were working fine for a while, then their whole inventory swapped and turned the Silver Pfennig negative, so now they don't produce anything at all. Any ideas? Mods on 1.07 banished beta: NMT Series (Clay & Canal) Maritimes (Dock Set & Fisheries) 1.07 fix 1.75 cc 0.7 mm 0.7 mm deco
  15. Where can you get the "Pitch" required to build dories?
  16. That seems a reasonable explanation. The town has no more silver pfennig atm, but they are getting produced at the melthouse. Currently, whenever the bootlegger gets some silver pfennig, the amount decreases, atm it's at -400 (from originally -500). So 100 silver pfennig are already paid back. Major debt payback
  17. I would like to make a suggestion, where bridges are only build from one side, as of now, builders always build from both foundation points. On some maps, for example, Lake Waters, the main river can divide the map completely, making the other side unreachable, so the bridge never gets built. See problem below in picture:
  18. Like this? In the first picture, you can see 600 stone, 4 workers on stone bridge and 0% progress, because they can't reach the other side. On second picture, right after docks (those wooden crossings don't require access from both sides) are built to cross the river, workers can now reach the bridge and start building (early winter in 1st pic, winter in 2nd pic, so they build fast)
  19. My early start is: - 2 Gatherer huts 5 workers each (They produce a ton early & only cost few resources.) - 1 Hunter (leather&feathers to make clothing) After that comes the time to slowly buy lifestock to fill pastures. I don't even bother with farms, pastures, orchards, fisheries until way later, due to long build up time, or low food output. If you are running low, you can also use the harvest food tool, in the removal toolbar.
  20. This is so needed! Thanks for the release. Only one suggestion, there's so many different mods for each food. It would also be great to combine these to one mod, which only makes meat from pastures inedible. So fish&duck from early hunting still gets eaten raw, but the food that goes to the butcher won't. It's possible to get the individual ones, but it makes the mod list huge. Minor wish. It works great though
  21. Just want to reiterate this suggestion. Currently, only trade chicken/leghorn are worth keeping, due to their high reproduction rate.
  22. Edit: Nvm, works with new game. Any way to get this to work with 1.07 Compatibility+cc 1.75+mega 0.07? Enabling this leads to an endless load screen for me
  23. This is for banished with 1.75 cc. Somehow the pastures don't work properly. Many animals move to the bottom left corner and stay there forever. It seems, that all animals that need to be slaughtered go there, so the herdsman walk from all over the map in bottom left corner to slaughter one animal, if they even make it there, before getting hungry, cold, etc. Any ideas how to make the animals stay in their pasture? Screenshot attached with idling animals.
  24. It is solved now! Updated to Banished Beta 1.0.7 for good measures, even though it wasn't the culprit. The problem seemed to be related to the slope conforming pastures. I had built a ton of slope conforming pastures on mountains right at the edge of the map, due to lack of space. The more mountainous, the more animals left the pasture to wait in that corner. Thanks for the help