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  1. Ah I see what you mean now. Now about market places the people employed at the market place will do all the moving around of goods between the marketplaces and the storage barns
  2. Wow there lots of information lol. First off I tried to tag you but I don't know if I did it correctly and if it worked??? Yeah I'm using 1.0.7 and have the compatibility mod and think I have the load order correct will cross ref it with your post above. The order I posted above was just me looking through the Windata folder and typing randomly not the actual order in the game. A big problem I find is trying to get enough "resources" to make tier two items. In the past I have tried to make Ale, however they eat all of the required foodstuff before they make it to the brewery. So let me see if I have this correct. Have a market place near an industry so that the resources for the industry get moved around quickly to produce tier 2 items and food. Then have a market place near the residential area so that the residents don't have to travel far for their food and the people employed at the market place will do all the moving around of goods between the two market places? Also do you start looking at tier 2 food and items in year one or is it a further down the line you look at creating them? I've read that it's good to have your assigned workers live next to or near what they're assigned to. how do you do that when they randomly move in. Also the way you're describing the forest area I have sketched this out. Do you mean like the picture I've attached?
  3. Hi @QueryEverything So I'm using the following: CC 1.75 MM Extra Leather Increased ResourceCC IronIsIron I have only just got MaritimesRiffle and NatDiv but not played with it yet. I've only just come back to the game and discovered CC and MM so I was playing around with MM to start with the other day and got to 25 years but had to keep spamming Add food in the Debug menu because I kept running out every few years. I think part of the problem was Nomads as well. Do you accept them or turn them away? If you accept do you create more food gathering buildings for them to work in?
  4. Apologises if this isn't in the right place but the heading of the forum saying help and support about playing the game led me here. I can't seem to produce enough food. As soon as I get passed year 10 food becomes a real problem and people just start dying all over the place. I just can't seem to get the balance right. Suggestions? Ideas on how many farms, orchards, gathers, hunters etc I should be aiming for. Also how many farms should you have working each field. Same goes for herdsmen.
  5. Just downloaded the linked mod and activated it and it highlights in red along with MM to show a conflict. Is this ok?
  6. Wow thanks, I'll check it out.
  7. Hi, I was wondering if Mega Mod works with the Mod by Risa called Increased Resource? It is a combined version of her individual mods Increased Wood, Iron, Stone. When I activate both it shows as a conflict and wanted to make sure I could use them both. Thanks