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  1. How much RAM do you need?
  2. I do
  3. I only try to load CC 1.75. I have some other mods in the WinData-folder, but they are not enabled. I also put CC 1.75 on top of the list.
  4. It is an access violation error
  5. I am using mods from Worlds of Banished. They all seem to works. With CC 1.75 I got further. I can enable the mod. Pressing OK brings me back to the menu with the mod enabled. I all works well until I come to point 10 in your list. When I start a new game the application crashes. At least I don't have to wait very long anymore. I use a 32 bit system (Win 7). I also tried it with Task Manager enabled to see if there are any issues with memory alllocations. It all looked normal (memory not fully used). I have a dual CPU system (Intel Pentium G3260 3,3GHz) and they were working at maximum.
  6. Thanks for your help. I have 1.0.6 but I will give the 1.0.7 Beta a try. Will this influence other mods?
  7. I am using Banished 1.06 on Steam. When I try to activate CC 1.71 I get a black sceen. I put the mod on enable and click OK. There is some disk activity, but then everything quiets down. I use Win 7 Home, 4 GB RAM, Intel Onboard Graphics (is that the problem???). Other (smaller) mods works fine. I manage to start CC 1.55 once but could never do it again.