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  1. jupiterlily, this site is by no means "equating themselves to hubs like steam and nexus mods" because they requiring signing in to download. I guess you haven't been on hardly any forums at all over the years. Most all forums require people to register and sign in to access various features, especially to post anything. Even forums on gardening, cats, etc. require that. Regarding worries about a site being hacked and someone maybe, possibly, getting your email address, so what? It's not like it is your credit card number they would get.
  2. I really love the look of the small Tavern. It would be nice to have some houses in a similar style.
  3. Thanks, Estherhb. Do you know if Abbey provides spirit happiness, the way churches do, or is it one of the other happiness factors?
  4. Does the alcohol the monks make get moved into a tavern? Do the Bannies drink it there as if the monastery is like a tavern?
  5. I have RK's mod above CC. If I don't put his first, then I don't get green grass, but instead get his brown dirt look. Odd that having his mod above CC lets the green grass show without all his fodder and flowers, but if CC is first, it get's Red's terrain of brown earth, but not all his fodder and flowers. I also am using a mod called Multi-start, that has various population starting conditions. Load order: Multi Start Rk's Editor's Choice Medieval town 2.04 CC Journey Maybe having such a mix will make unexpected things happen.
  6. I was playing the Mediterranean climate no snow start, and in the second winter, it snowed! I am playing CC Journey along with Red Ketchup's Editor's Choice Mod, but I don't think that would make it snow.
  7. Never mind. I deleted what I wrote. I made a mistake and thought I needed help, but I don't. Instead, I will say thanks so much for the CC stacked shops and homes!
  8. Thanks for the reply, Stiles. I did figure out to clear the land going a few spaces beyond the reeds, and that worked.
  9. How can I get rid of reeds growing near the shore? I tried building a house near the shore, on top of a patch of reeds, but the reeds won't go away. They are sticking up through the porch floor of the house.
  10. Wonderful work! I really love these houses. However, I tend to play with smaller sized items and wish you had some smaller sizes of these beautiful houses.