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  1. Hey, I really like this mod and I was wondering if you could make a version where pastures just hold twice as many animals without producing extra stuff. I like building the smaller pastures to conserve space and be less annoying, but even two small 10x10 pastures of cows produce way more beef than I could ever use. Like, I had 50k sitting around at one point.
  2. I had the same questions, so if anyone wants to know the answers I did some planting. I bought the rose seeds and planted 2 11x11 crops. I only ended up with 150 roses out of the whole thing, which sold for 2 units each. So basically, it's not worth the price. I was hoping they had some use and you could make something out of them but it appears it's just food, which is too bad. I bought the jatropha seeds honestly just for the novelty of it and I haven't planted them but I will try. I'm anticipating the same result. IMO the seeds should be worth the same as other standard seeds. They may sell for two what other crops sell for but they produce MUCH fewer items so it balances out. Hopefully there is a fix for this in the future.