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  1. Ok, let me try that.... EDIT: Thank you! That works! I'ma go play now.... EDIT: Oh no, it doesn't seem to work after all! I loaded it, and saw the Tiny Choice, then went to play a game....and just like you said, it cycled and cycled....10 mins.....but that was just one game, I could try it on another with different choices. Maybe others can test it too, as my laptop may just be old..
  2. Ok, here is the load order I have now, and I still get the same image as above. No Tiny.
  3. Ah, ok, I see. lol
  4. I have a dry goods limit, and I am playing CC Journey. Is there a newer one? I thought that one was the latest.
  5. I get this: No tiny.
  6. Oh, thank you so much! I will try it right away!!
  7. Is there a mod for a Tiny/Extra Small map for CC? I really like the variety in CC but wish there was a tiny map choice. I've tried several mods but they aren't compatible with CC. I place them on top, get out, go back in, and it's not there as a map choice.
  8. Thank you.
  9. I love classical music (the Old Masters). I would love to know what tune that is that plays in the beginning of CC as it loads. Bright and catchy, like Mozart or Lizt. Anyone know?