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  1. I'm enjoying so much playing with your mods that I wanted to give back something, so I sat here and tried to come up with ideas for you, so here's a few themes and random thoughts: Italian Extravaganza: focussed on the Renaissance period for production (so you can link it to your marble quarry and statues) and the Toscana for residential (tiles), there could be an easy++ climate based on the upper mediterranean coastline with temperatures from 10 to 30C, olive oil, wich could be used for more food or by herbologist to increase health and wine, with longer production times for better price on trade. Also: pizza. I like pizza. Imperial Archeologists: there could be large unusable buildings around the map and you'd have to use the interaction 'send to British Museum' to remove them. The buildings would be taking a lot of space, meaning there wouldn't be large forests or space for agriculture, and they would force the bannies to walk longer distances to get there, which would make it a hard setting, even more so if a port is required to be able to remove them. Ice Age: hunt for mammoth and wear their fur, the lakes are frozen and you could make holes in the ice to fish (I don't know if that's possible) Post-Apocalyptic World: if it can be done, an extreme climate with very high and unpredictable raises and drops in temperature that would keep anything from growing, very scarce trees but a lot of stone to compensate and a building (a mine or a spaceship) were you can get a material specific to the setting to build greenhouses were you can plant crops or grow forests. Until then, you'd have to rely on three-eyed fishes. Hot: need water when it gets hot to avoid death by dehydratation like you need firewood when it gets cold to keep from freezing. I've seen requests for culture both here and in WoB, so here's another idea: I don't know if that's even possible, but culture could be a new type of food (or several), meaning you'd need it to reach full health. Aaand that's it, I'm out of ideas You guys do such amazing work, I thought the least I could do was seat here a couple of hours and try to be creative for you
  2. Hi! I'm playing with with CC 1.75, NatDiv and most of the new stuff by MM modders. When I play, limits are either set to 99999 or 1, and switch back to those whenever I try to change them. The textile limit in particular is permanently changing (it's a blur of changing numbers, it doesn't stop), until the game crashes with a fatal violation crash. Any ideas of what could be causing this? ** I figured it out: I uninstalled a few days ago, and when I reinstalled I forgot to turn on the beta version