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  1. I had an idea that I haven't found anyone else mentioning yet. create a mod that allows you to control how much of each of the resources each and every stockpile has. For instance, you have a stockpile built next to your hunter/forester/gatherer...and of course you don't want all the wood you cut down to just stay in that stockpile. Maybe you also just cleared the whole surrounding area (or are about to clear it) of stone/iron and you don't want your stockpile to get filled up and require your forester to walk a much further distance to another stockpile to drop off his wood. So you would choose this stockpile and say that "This stockpile is kept at no more than 75% capacity" (or whatever level you want), and laborers would pick up any excess resources in that stockpile so that it doesn't go above 75%, and in that way your forester never has to worry about full stockpiles. The same way you could keep a stockpile you keep next to your blacksmith always above a certain percentage so that your blacksmith does not have to go wandering around looking for resources. You could do this for each and every stockpile individually. Of course this would require laborers going around fixing stockpiles. You would also have a general button to "evenly distribute resources between all stockpiles" (with the option of excluding stockpiles with specialized amounts of above a certain amount or below a certain amount) This could work for storage barns as well (assuming this type of mod is possible at all)