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  1. Hi all. Am I the only one getting a Fatal Access Violation after a good big chunk of gameplay? The only mods I'm using are Megamod 8 and the Hunting mod and it happens without fail once my town gets to a reasonable size. Once it has happened once, it keeps happening and I have to ditch the map. It happens on both my laptop and my desktop. I've tried everything I can find online about solving a Fatal Access Violation. It's a bummer to be sure...
  2. Hi all. I'm a fair way into a game and have recently started getting persistent crashes. They seem totally random, as in I can't reproduce them deliberately, but it's happening every few minutes now. Have attached my crash dump file, in case it's of use to anybody for debugging. Could potentially be because I am running a couple of other mods though... crash.dmp
  3. Hi all. I seem to be getting a fatal crash when using Kid's 'Alotofseeds' trader. I can't say for sure though as it doesn't seem to happen immediately - but has happened four or five times now. I had traders moving silk and firewood to the building at the time of each crash. EDIT: OK I removed the Alotofseeds trader and just got the crash again.. So now I have no idea what's causing it! Not very helpful I guess...
  4. @Governor I tried disabling those mods one by one, and it was definitely the legalized marijuana mod that was causing the problem. I was able to disable it and reload my game and my plants are back. It was loads of different ones -- cotton, sunflowers, sugar beets, to name a few. Problem solved, cheers!
  5. Hmmm ok, thanks for the quick reply! My mod list is attached, any tips on what could be causing it?
  6. Here's a funny one for ya.. I'm getting invisible plants in a whole bunch of different crops -- only shadows showing as they grow. Missing models....?
  7. I seem to be getting a fatal crash when I build one of Kid's small beekeeper stations (see attached image). Builds ok, but as soon as I click on it it crashes the game.
  8. Hmm ok, so then I can probably assume my yield is not typical? 140 is what I got when I started a brand new game and just made cotton fields, I think with Megamod 8, I wonder if it could have to do with that..? UPDATE: I tested again with ONLY CC (Journey) loaded and I got 360 from an 8 x 18 crop field. Seems odd that we would get such different results..? UPDATE 2: I tested again with Megamod 8 and got 72 in the same crop size.. so something definitely seems awry...
  9. I just did a test and I got 140 cotton out of a 24x10 field with four farmers and no early frost crop loss. I did figure it was probably a deliberate change, it just bummed me out as I was planning to try setting up a linen trade instead of the usual firewood trade and it did NOT go as planned.
  10. Hiya. I've been playing the new Megamod the last few days and I guess before that I was using an older version of CC. One thing I have noticed is that the output levels from plantations of cotton and flax seem to be incredibly low now - like a field that produced 90-100 cotton per year would produce over 800 potatoes for example. I'm struggling to get enough cotton and flax produced for the clothing I want. I just wondered, is this a bug or a deliberate change to the textile production levels? Thanks!