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  1. Looks very authentic.
  2. Nice!
  3. More art!
  4. I looked at pin tar, also, there is a nifty visual that you could use, in RL its dismantled after each use, but you could make it a building in Banished. I have visuals for turpentine making stills too. So you start with logs for pin tar and make pitch and products you indicated, but you can also combine it with turpentine to make nautical supplies, and health chests for naval use, (tonic, camphor, purgatives, and such). I dont think you need to make each component, just the final product. What is interesting is you can make turpentine, or the solid form rosin without logs. You have trees drop tree sap, (which can have other uses, like maple products, paint or dyes), that is collected like with wild foods. You could use logs, but historically pines were milked like maple without cutting the trees, and all that involves. It can also represent beech sap. Uses of turpentine, or rosin, (same production method, just a solid), its a paint thinner, and solvent as such very useful in naval circules. Paint, varnish, wax, camphor, tonics, flavour for gin, and as lamp oil. In the 17 to early 20th century it was crucial to any navy, it is generally obscured by the term naval supplies that included many things derived from it. You could even push the production details to have chains using beeswax, herbs, alcohol, and a second dose of tree sap. If you wanted to you could make perfumes, and red pain with vermillion, (an important part of the fur trade, but you need a mine). Building on this you get tree sap, (beech oil) to make "Russian" leather, by a process resembling tanning. Its waterproof, so again many naval uses, it also is used to make high end furniture, or boots. I could see it being used in many products used on ships. So you see it can get very complicated, if you want it to. In you mod I think nautical supplies, and medicine chest would fit with the nautical theme. Here are the images I found, from some of them you get an idea of how important this forgotten industry was. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzHkvl_n1VXXZFpPSGh2SU12X1k https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzHkvl_n1VXXb1NXYldMWDRHS1k Happy to help with research or design, sorry not good with coding.
  5. Look at the storage charts in the wiki to see the flags used in CC, (in the header), there are differences. Coal is a fuel I think. If you are looking for a very large and partly nautical nautical chain, I have researched turpentine, have hand written notes, warning it very complex. You would need several building and products.
  6. Production building workers will collect the needed materials from the nearest storage, be it a market or barn or stockpile, vendors only collect for markets from storage, never deliver goods.
  7. Just a little something I wrote a long time ago: Ballad of the Peeps In all things under heaven there is a time a time to cut a time to plant a time to built a time to change what is to what will be each in her time to live each in his time to die In all seasons a change of path in spring to sow in winter to fetch to each his time to work to each her time to gather and in the end to lie beneath the stone at least you won’t be cold And to every place its purpose in time a barn filled to the rafters a stock yard as bare as a fallow field a place to sow a place to reap a place to tend a place to cull And for each of us our time under heaven a time to hope a time to fear a time to learn a time to be sick a time to heal In all things under heaven a purpose for all this time be it fast or slow a time to pause a time to go a time to rest In all things under heaven a man for this a woman for that and children for us all a time to have a time to want and hopefully one to be happy In this place under heaven we live our simple lives we live beneath a watchful eye whether protector or destroyer we wait for our time to be for our time under heaven Anonymous, year 40, in New Hope.
  8. There is no difference in production output for lumber, just a different input, firewood production is simply faster than the chopper, so you get more over time.
  9. This is fun:
  10. Tons of Dylan and Katy Perry,
  11. Quay & Dock (storage)

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