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  1. The first thing you must understand is that this mod is a collection of most of the mods created for Banished, and by definition makes it easier to play. What has been done is to make the different mods compatible, not change how they work, ie production chains, work required or building costs. There are several starting conditions that make the game harder, but it is not possible to alter many of the functions you mention without changing every mod included, and that is not the purpose of this mod. It is also not possible to change certain functions as the modders don't have access to many of them. You can play around with several options to create your own challenge, climate, map size, map type. In some cases this can create very difficult games. There is a tendency to want mod designers to do everything for the players, but I think most challenges can come from the player. With a bit of imagination you can make the game harder, simply by not using certain functions, like trading, or omitting certain production chains. Why not a prohibition mod, no alcohol, or no buying of seeds. You can also create a culture where certain restrictions apply, field size, no schools, no churches, no nomads. Just because its included doesn't mean you need to use it. This can apply even more to this mod which is a collection of almost everything under the sun. You can also use time as a challenge, have the type of tools you use depend on how old your village is, gradually introduce modded buildings, an production chains, or game functions. There are historical examples of societies that have failed simply for keeping with the old ways, rather than adapt to new survival strategies, a well known example is the vikings of Greenland. If you look you can find others, like the early years of colonies like Jamestown. I have read that The North, includes many challenges that can make the game very difficult. It is not included in MM, because its changes as so different from many other mods that it would have to be completely redone, and that is not the purpose, nor intent of this mod. Those changes as so extensive that it is difficult to use with most other mods, not just CC, or MM. You can find it Here. Hope this helps.
  2. This may be linked to the fact there are so many types of storage that the game can't or won't keep track of all the storage. What you can do is check your barns more often to see how full they are.
  3. Hey Red you are lucky, or is some quality trick.
  4. I build so much storage I never get this alert, and my limits are always very high, what I get are shortage messages when I 100s of the resource. Maybe build more storage, you can also see goods pile up in your village when storage is full.
  5. I think there is a middle ground, where you can use mods that don't create resources, or production chains, or change certain basic functions like trading. Housing, decorative, and certain gaming functions, (not certain which, I don't use them), can mostly work, I would be careful with ones that make things as flags can cause problems. I still use one of the first mod ever created for Banished, so they can work. There are so many wonderful mods made for 1.0.7 its difficult to understand why one would want to use obsolete mods.
  6. Not certain but I think I remember the stone gather creates a different stone resource, (grown like a crop) that only he can collect, if I'm right that might be the problem. Not certain which tool to use if that is the case. I also think this is correct.
  7. A masterfully wonderful plan, you have found the right balance to establish a very strong basis for a lake town. Its sometimes difficult to adapt strategies to different conditions. CC is very balanced when it comes to starting conditions, you are given exactly what you need, the trick is to understand why you get the resources you have, it usually suggest a development plan. When you have established the basics you can add a few other mods like Kid's House Boat: here, and then DS Jetty and Bridge : here, and the mods by Necora found on our site: here, (I haven't use those by Necora, but they are worth looking at). They add interesting and useful buildings, and a visual variety that may interest you. You might also like Kid's birch bark canoe: here, you have to look at reply #7 of the topic for a link to the file, totally decorative, but still nice to have in a lake town. Finally you might like Kid's fish farm: here, its land based but could fit nicely on a small island, and to unify water features Red's canal set is wonderfully well done: here, there are 3 files to choose from, read the discriptions carefully to get the right one. I must admit it is one of the more challenging types of settlement, but it can be a lot of fun, and you can create a very interesting town. Always willing to help.
  8. A simple fact in Banished, time = distance = production. Therefor time taken to get essentials from a barn is going to impact production, unless you have only one barn, it means many trips to different places, to get what you need, and then you have to go to the stockpile too. Markets are a one stop shopping place, that takes the travel from the producer to a specialized vendor. Considering that goods are scattered across all storage structures, (regardless of closest storage, a well documented function), it makes sense to have a vendor do the walking for all the users of his market. We have many specialized markets that do the same for production, getting the raw materials, a gofer function that does the same, again 1 collector for many users. Its this function that makes markets essential, just like storage size in housing will limit the market visits. Its easy to underestimate one function when you examine it in isolation. Herbalist are the only way to use health products, which are again essential to survival, 50% of a heart is important when you only have 2 or 3. The central aspect of these misunderstandings are largely linked to a gaming style that takes the very easy version of the game that comes from MM as the game standard, which it is not for many players. Nor is it the way the game physics works.
  9. Hey, it was not aimed at anyone in particular, just felt a bit of tough love was needed. I have seen so many game play related request it sometimes it gets a bit irritating. I have never hidden my dark side, and have sometimes been brutally honest, but only because this game is great and we try to make it better. I read a post the other day where "F" variants versions of our buildings was described as redundant. Like you said our work on Banished is not a job, so we need to spend time wisely, a few minor looking things, can actually take a lot of work, like writing the wiki descriptions, or simply designing functions, and then testing them. Then you add the graphics and coding. So many choices, so few man hours. Simply changing the name of a resource has to be done in each file one by one. It takes time, thats what I did when we added lumber, change every building file, not just calculate the numbers, and you have to go slow so as not to make any mistakes. A missing coma can break the whole file. The same can be said of popup indications, numbers means that even a small change would require redoing each entry. You have to ask what is more important, cosmetic changes or adding more interesting functions and buildings. We chose to add rather than edit, and most would prefer this to the same better explained, (in game) version of CC 1.62. We are considering what the next version will look like and we may do a balancing and reorganizing of CC since it has grown like an onion, version by version, and could use some structural fixes. Yes I was a bit harsh, but honest and felt the love for the game in your words, I took the time to read your posts and answer. We have never rejected comments, and if we could we would do many more things that have been suggested by our followers.
  10. Reading all this I get the feeling that players want mod creators to do all the thinking, in addition to guessing what mods you are using. Many try to be compatible, but some players insist on using some mods that aren't made to work together, or complain about the things when they don't work. The best we can do is keep our content consistent, and pump out additions to help you customize you experience. The idea of having the required goods for production as a building requirement is simply foolish, and could be extremely restrictive on buildings like the clothier. We have produced the required documentation as best we can, (a complex job requiring a lot of time), much more than what Luke did with the mod kit. If you find making your own tools tedious, what about us, and then we should research the work of others so you don't have to! Or should we impose our ideas on others as a standard? Much of this issue consists of player laziness, and a reluctance to read, and memorize what the mods they use do. If you make a mistake its on you, not on the mod designer, or the mod's content. If the mods are too complex the you can play vanilla.
  11. Actually its easier to make food, very much like 1.62
  12. Looks very authentic.
  13. Nice!
  14. I looked at pin tar, also, there is a nifty visual that you could use, in RL its dismantled after each use, but you could make it a building in Banished. I have visuals for turpentine making stills too. So you start with logs for pin tar and make pitch and products you indicated, but you can also combine it with turpentine to make nautical supplies, and health chests for naval use, (tonic, camphor, purgatives, and such). I dont think you need to make each component, just the final product. What is interesting is you can make turpentine, or the solid form rosin without logs. You have trees drop tree sap, (which can have other uses, like maple products, paint or dyes), that is collected like with wild foods. You could use logs, but historically pines were milked like maple without cutting the trees, and all that involves. It can also represent beech sap. Uses of turpentine, or rosin, (same production method, just a solid), its a paint thinner, and solvent as such very useful in naval circules. Paint, varnish, wax, camphor, tonics, flavour for gin, and as lamp oil. In the 17 to early 20th century it was crucial to any navy, it is generally obscured by the term naval supplies that included many things derived from it. You could even push the production details to have chains using beeswax, herbs, alcohol, and a second dose of tree sap. If you wanted to you could make perfumes, and red pain with vermillion, (an important part of the fur trade, but you need a mine). Building on this you get tree sap, (beech oil) to make "Russian" leather, by a process resembling tanning. Its waterproof, so again many naval uses, it also is used to make high end furniture, or boots. I could see it being used in many products used on ships. So you see it can get very complicated, if you want it to. In you mod I think nautical supplies, and medicine chest would fit with the nautical theme. Here are the images I found, from some of them you get an idea of how important this forgotten industry was. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzHkvl_n1VXXZFpPSGh2SU12X1k https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzHkvl_n1VXXb1NXYldMWDRHS1k Happy to help with research or design, sorry not good with coding.